Hone your skills with the knowledge of the sages and the clinical experience of contemporary specialists

Pearls of Wisdom makes accessible the deeper knowledge of Chinese medicine needed to fine-tune clinical results – particular in more difficult cases. Pearls’ webinars and seminars provide a platform for contemporary specialists in their field to share their extensive clinical experience, and also to impart a deeper understanding of the rational of the formulas and herbal combinations. Workshops and overseas internships are also arranged from time to time.

There is a strong focus is on the clinical application of Jing Fang and Wen Bing, and also on the clinical experience of contemporary Chinese medicine specialists with many years of research and clinical work in specific areas such as cancer, psoriasis and infertility to name just a few… Read more »

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We regularly present seminars and workshops to the worldwide Chinese medicine community, as we seek out the best and most experienced practitioners from China, each a specialist in a particular field, with many years of clinical experience. Presented and translated by Dr Greta Young Jie De, these lecture experiences provide valuable access to Chinese medicine practitioners, normally only available to those in mainland China.

2024 Shang Han Lun promo

Free in-person seminar and online webinar – Shang Han Lun Explained

The long awaited second edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained” is now ready for sale. Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine and Team would like to host  a s… Read more »

Pearls 2023 November Live Webinar by Professor Xu Shu

Pearls 2023 November Live Webinar by Professor Xu Shu on Chinese Medicine clinical approach to treating Long COVID and its associated disorders

By popular request, Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine would like to invite Professor Xu Shu of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to present our f… Read more »

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Book a consultation with a TCM Practitioner

Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine now provides consultative services for cancer management, diabetes and chronic nephritis from a panel of renowned specialists from Beijing.

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Buy recordings and lectures notes from previous events

We have made available video recordings and lecture notes from past seminars for you to download and use at your convenience. These lectures from noted practitioners will provide valuable reference for those studying Chinese Medicine.

TCM Case Studies

Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine presents a selection of case studies from the casebooks of renowned Chinese medicine practitioners. You are free to read, comment on and discuss these interesting cases.

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