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Archive of Case Studies

  1. Post-colorectal Cancer Operation and Chemotherapy

    Professor Li Zhong

    J xx  Female  80 History: In May 2015 the above patient  was diagnosed  cancer of the rectum. Radiotherapy was given initially  in June2015 to shrink the tumour ; 28 times of radiotherapy 5 times weekly accompanied by light chemotherapy. Surgery was carried out in September 2015. In November 2015, the patient resumed a stronger chemotherapy... more »

  2. Bowel Obstruction due to Post-Colerectal Cancer Surgery

    Professor Li Zhong

    This Case Study concerns a patient with a history of colorectal cancer and subsequent bowel obstruction, on whom the western surgeon chose not to operate because of potential risk. Professor Li Zhong successfully resolved the obstruction with TCM treatment... more »

  3. Metastasis of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    Professor Li Zhong

    This Case Study demonstrates not only the benefit of Chinese herbal supplement in countering the side effects of chemo- and radio-therapy but also the efficacy in a case of metastasized nasopharyngeal cancer... more »

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