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Download Professor Xu Shu’s Supplementing the Kidney Essence

Video recordings of the November 2023 webinar on Chinese Medicine applying Supplementing the kidney essence to treat many diseases, hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine, presented by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D) and Professor Xu Shu (徐书教授).

Download 2022 Webinar – TCM Treatment of Skin Diseases

Video recordings of the March 2022 two-day webinar on Chinese Medicine Treatment of Skin Diseases, hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine, presented by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D) and featuring Professor Zhang Cang 张苍教授) and Professor Zhou Dong Mei (周东梅 教授).

Zhao Bing Nan Handbook on TCM Treatment of Skin Diseases

Handbook on treatment of skin diseases with formulae on topical applications, based on the life-long road-tested experience of the renowned TCM skin specialist Professor Zhao Bing Nan of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing

2018 3-Day Workshop on Cancer Management with Professor Li Zhong

In this Cancer workshop, Professor will give you a detailed treatment on Uterine cancer with a live patient and topical treatment with Chinese herbs to be used in conjunction with the formula. Professor Li Zhong will explain and analyse the rationale of his treatment strategy. This road-tested formula can be applied to a lot of gynaecological disorders with modifications. In addition, Professor Li Zhong will share with you many single or paired herbs indicated for pain, poor appetite, insomnia and depression.

Complete Case Studies of Professor Liu Du Zhou

171 case studies from the renowned Shang Han Lun specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou. Topics covered include external contractions, upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, cardiac heart diseases, hypertension, insomnia, menstruation disorders etc.

2018 4-Day Diabetes Workshop in Netherlands

Video recordings of the Pearls of Wisdom 4-Day Diabetes Workshop held at the Bo-Yi Academy, Netherlands in March 2018, with Professor Ni Qing of Guangan’men Hospital

2019 Pearls Live Educational Webinar – Respiratory Disease

Since 2002, Pearls of Wisdom has been bringing renowned professors to share their clinical-road-tested experience with all the TCM practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Learn From the Renowned Jing Fang Master; Dr. Greta Young Jie De will interpret the lecture by Professor Chen Ming.

2018 Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar

Professor Chen Ming shares his knowledge of Jing Fang Application by incorporating the theory in Nei Jing of Yin and Yang and the five elements in the management of many contemporary diseases.