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2017 Pearls Seminar on Applications of Jing Fang with Professor Chen Ming

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Professor Chen Ming shares his great knowledge and experience in the applications of Jing Fang in the holistic concept of Chinese Medicine.

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Day One: Theory on “Lifting the Lid of the Teapot” and Clinical Applications of Ma Huang Tang and modifications

The concept of “Lifting the Lid off the Teapot” is a Chinese Medicine strategy by adopting the method of diffusing lung qi to address many disorders such as prostate hypertrophy, constipation and edema. Zhu Dan Xi said in his book “Dan Xi Xin Fa” that the lung is located in the upper jiao while the urinary bladder is in the lower jiao, obstruction of the upper jiao may affect blockage in the lower jiao.

Day Two: Jing Fang Approach and Management of Water Qi Disorders

The scope of Shang Han Lun Shui Qi Disorders cover a wide range of disorders such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, ureteritis, urethritis, hematuria and urinary tract stones, chyluria etc

Based on the theory of Professor Liu Du Zhou,  Shui Qi (or water qi) disorders can be further categorised as Shui Wei Bing (water qi in the stomach;  Fu Ling Gan Cao Tang pattern);  Shui Xin Bing (Water harassing the heart: Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang pattern); Shui Gan Bing (water qi in the liver, Zhen Wu Tang pattern); Shui Fei Bing (Water retention damaging the lung, Xiao Qing Long Tang pattern); Shui Shen Bing: Water retention in the kidney Fu Ling Gui Zhi Gan Cao Da Zao Tang; water amassment disorder, Wu Ling San pattern:  Water bind in Yang Ming with heat and water accumulation; Zhu Ling Tang pattern; Water knotted in the Tai Yang channel, wind water + heat, Yue Bing Tang.

Download the entire recording to view at your leisure. After purchase you will be emailed a secure link to the files. Please note this product contains 5 separate MP4 files containing nearly 8 hours of video.

About Professor Chen Ming

Professor Chen Ming陈明教授 is a Jing Fang practitioner with many years of clinical experience that adopts an unique approach by combining the theories of Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Wen Bing and Nei Jing to treat many contemporary diseases. Apart from his rich clinical experience he is a popular lecturer at the Beijing University and has been nominated as one of the “Ten most popular and Beloved teachers” at the university. Professor Chen studied under the renowned Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou and is involved in the research of “Academic Theory of Zhang Zhong Jing”. He strongly advocates that the clinical approach and education of Chinese medicine should be based upon the TCM core theory to fully reflect the holistic concept of Chinese Medicine.

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