Identification of Disease and Treatment of Same disease with Different treatment


Professor Peng Jiang Zhong gives a 3-hour lecture on Identification of Disease and Treatment of Same Disease with Different Treatment, focusing on the management of chronic kidney diseases.

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Under the Guidance of TCM Theory with treatment according to the patterns

Presented by Professor Peng Jian Zhong, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Interpreted by Dr. Greta Young Jie De

This is a three-hour lecture on Identification of Disease and Treatment of Same Disease with Different Treatment.

Pattern identification is a traditional characteristic treatment strategy of Chinese medicine. One of the most outstanding strategy is “same disease with different treatment”. This is because the patient presented with different clinical features due to difference in individual constitution and other circumstances which warrant different treatment strategy. Thus reflecting that Chinese medicine is focused on the different constitution of the individual patient. The TCM practitioners follows the treatment principle of the “Three factors affecting the treatment三因制宜 ” ie time and seasonal; geographical and constitution. This is the essence of Chinese medicine which differs from the western medicine and we should continue to promote this principle.

Historically, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioners based their diagnosis mainly on the symptoms and signs and group the data together to formulate a pattern and treatment is then based on the identification of patterns or zheng (证). The outcome of this procedure will result in a disease with different pathogenesis hence the strategy of “same disease with different treatment” ensues.

Traditionally, the two-tier disease identification of Chinese medicine are:

  • identify and analyse the aetiology and pathogenesis of similar type of diseases and seek a common denominator ie the common nature of a group of diseases whereby seeking a key treatment strategy;
  • Identify a special characteristic and clinical features of certain diseases and their associated aetiology and pathogenesis to arrive at a concrete treatment strategy.

Professor Peng Jiang Zhong will focus this lecture on the management of chronic kidney diseases.

CPD: 3

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Professor Peng Jian Zhong 彭建中教授 of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has over 40 years of clinical experience in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease as as well as specialising in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases by… Read more »

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