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2019 Pearls Live Educational Webinar – Respiratory Disease

Since 2002, Pearls of Wisdom has been bringing renowned professors to share their clinical-road-tested experience with all the TCM practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Learn From the Renowned Jing Fang Master; Dr. Greta Young Jie De will interpret the lecture by Professor Chen Ming.

Wen Bing Weekend Webinars – The Complete Series

Wen Bing Webinar Series (30 hours designed to be heard over 5 weekends): 30 CPE / PDA points.

Presented by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D), this course teaches you to ‘think outside the box” and teaches effective treatment strategies for a broad range of conditions not generally categorised as “seasonal febrile disease”. Apart from providing a deeper understanding of Wen Bing theory and strategies, this short course is a path to clinical accuracy and improved clinical success.