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Complete Case Studies of Professor Liu Du Zhou

171 case studies from the renowned Shang Han Lun specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou. Topics covered include external contractions, upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, cardiac heart diseases, hypertension, insomnia, menstruation disorders etc.

Wen Bing Weekend Webinars – The Complete Series

Wen Bing Webinar Series (30 hours designed to be heard over 5 weekends): 30 CPE / PDA points.

Presented by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D), this course teaches you to ‘think outside the box” and teaches effective treatment strategies for a broad range of conditions not generally categorised as “seasonal febrile disease”. Apart from providing a deeper understanding of Wen Bing theory and strategies, this short course is a path to clinical accuracy and improved clinical success.