Pearls March 2022 Live Webinar on Chinese Medicine Treatment of Skin Diseases

Professor Zhao Bing Nan

 March 19, 2022 – March 20, 2022

 Melbourne (Live Webinar)

 A$375 (for discounts see below)

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Topic Day One: TCM treatment of chronic urticaria by Professor Zhang Cang 张苍教授). Professor Zhang Cang specialises in the treatment of chronic urticaria and his lecture is on patients and case studies with detailed analysis of the treatment principles and herbal formulas and the associated modifications of herbs.

Topic Day Two: TCM treatment of eczema by Professor Zhou Dong Mei (周东梅 教授) of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing, China. TCM treatment of Ecezema. Focus is on the Road-tested experience and clinical outcome of Eczema including topical applications of cream and ointment for severe skin itch.

Time: (Melbourne, Australia) 7pm to 10pm (3 hours each day with 15 minutes break and Q & A at the end of each session)

Cost: Full Registration: $375 Early Bird: $350 (on or before 18th February 2022.)
Student: $200 ; Early bird $180 (on or before 18th February 2022).

Interpreter: Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

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Example of Case study on Chronic Urticaria by Professor Zhang Cang

Chronic Urticaria:  Case Study by Professor Zhang Cang

 A 32 year-old female patient suffering from chronic urticaria

Chief complaints: Skin itch in the morning on waking for five months.

History: The patient suffered from urticaria for seal months and had been given several anti-histamine medication without effects. During the past month. Her daily intake of cetirizine( one tablet daily) and epistine daily However, , once the medication stopped the skin itch recurred.

Other symptoms: Fatigue, acid reflux and the feeling of unwell persisted and recently, she suffered from right foot plantar fasciitis with severe pain over the past two weeks.

She was very depressed over a very long period.

She was married at the age of 29 with one daughter only

Tongue: Swollen tongue body with red tongue tip and stasis tongue margin, white tongue coating.

Pulse: Submerged

TCM Diagnosis: Chronic urticaria with constrained liver and spleen deficiency

Western Diagnosis: Chronic Urticaria

Treatment principle: Disperse Shan Yang, regulate qi and blood

Formula: Chai Gui Wen Dan Tang modified

Bei Chai Hu 10g; Huang Qin 10g; Dang Shen 10g; Qing Ban Xia 9g; Sheng Jiang 10g; Gui Zhi 10g; Bai Shao 15g; Zhi Gan Cao 10g; Fu Ling 15g; Chen Pi 15g; Zhu Ru 10g; Shi Chang Pu 10g; Chao Zao Ren 20g; Yuan Zhi 10g; He Huan Pi 15g;  14 packs

Instruction: After taking 3 packs of the above medication, switch to oral cetirizine 1 tablet a day, and was advised to discontinue with the western medication( epistine).

After 3 packs of medication, if her present  condition was stabilized,  change to oral cetirizine 1 tablet a day and stop epistine.

After taking 6 doses of medicine, if it her condition did not deteriorate, she was to stop taking cetirizine.

Second consultation: 30 October 2019

After taking the decoction for 1 week, the patient discontinued the existing the western medications. Her condition improved significantly. Her menstrual cycle was normal and her blood clots during her period was minimal as well, her dysmenorrhea was relieved.

She still from migraine headache with no nausea and vomiting. Occasional acid reflux, breast swelling and menstrual pain. Overall,  she was less depressed.

Third consultation: 1st January 2020

Her western medication was totally stopped and there was no further recurrence of skin itch.

Analysis: At the time of the patient’s first consultation, it was observed that the patient was depressed with emotional stress. She did not have a good relationship with her mother-in-law. From the treatment perspective, Chai Gui Wen Dan Tang was the most appropriate formula. Xiao Chai Hu Tang can disperse Shao Yang; Gui Zhi Tang can help to enhance Shao Yang while Wen Dan Tang can transform phlegm damp and Ding Zhi Wan can nourish blood and calm the shen. After the medication, her chronic urticaria was fully under control and with further psychological advice ; her skin condition improved.

Note: Apology for the misunderstanding of registered attendees of our March 2022 webinar that ALL registered attendees of this live webinar is entitled to the free download of “Zhao Bing Nan Handbook on TCM Treatment of Skin Diseases”. The condition for the eligibility of this free download is for Pearls attendees who registered to attend our 2021 September  live webinar. We have assigned a quota of 45. Upon completion of this September webinar, there was 2 more free download remaining which was quickly filled. Thus, any registered attendees of our Pearls 2022 March webinar is only entitled to a 10% discount if they wish to take advantage of the discounted download instead of the FREE DOWNLOAD. Trust this clarifies matters.


Introduction of Professor Zhao Bing Nan 赵柄南教授

This handbook on clinical applications of many prevalent skin disorders can be regarded as a live-long road-tested experience of the renowned TCM skin specialist Professor Zhao Bing Nan of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing. The handbook serves as a guide for the treatment of many skin diseases and many of the formulae have been applied in today’s clinical by the Dermatological Department of many TCM skin specialists in Beijing.

More details on Prof. Zhou Bing Nan


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