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2018 Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar

By Dr Greta Young Jie De

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Bringing the clinical experience of Chinese specialists to Australia and Europe

Organised and hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine

Approved for 10 CPD Points

Professor Chen Ming ‘s Discussion of Jing Fang ‘s and Its Unique Applications


“None of the concepts and ideas I learned from Professor Chen Ming’s 2017 seminar are new to me.  Yet the “light bulb” moments from his clear and straighforward explanations has already opened countless possibilities for me, in how I can view and apply the so-called “basic” theory.

I am greatly indebted to him and his masters for helping me further grasp how deep our medical art can be.  I am reminded to never underestimate the levels of meaning to be continually uncovered in our Classics, and of the responsibility to make that root understanding our own.”

– M. L. , Jing Fang Practitioner for 13 years (Testimonial from a Jing Fang Practitioner)

Our Pearls 2018 Two-Day seminar, Professor Chen Ming (陈明教授) will incorporate the basic teaching in Nei Jing such as the theory of Yin and Yang and the theory of Zang Xiang  and how these theories can serve as a Guiding Principle for the application of  Jing Fang in the  management of many diseases . An example is “Banking the spleen earth to restrain water” for treatment of cardiac diseases.  Professor Chen reiterated the significance of pathogenesis which plays an important role in the determination of optimum treatment.

Interpreter: Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

Register online at:

Topics covered for the two days are:

1.Tonify the yang to engender yin for treatment of diabetes.

2.Seeking the yin within the yang: According to the principle of yin and yang in Neijing is that yin and yang are divisible but inseparable, all yang phenomenon can be divided into yin and yang components as can all yin phenomena. Zhang Jing Yue said: “Those who are conversant in the tonification of yang must seek the yang from within the yin; the outcome is with the help of yin yang can be transformed without any limitation.;  likewise those who are conversant in the tonification of yin must seek the yang from within the yin; with the help of the rising yang, there will be endless source of yin without exhaustion.

  1. From [Suwen: Zhi Zhen Yao Da Lun] said: “All diseases with aching pain and swelling of the instep are ascribed to fire. Professor Chen based on this theory treated many patients suffering from acute gout characterized by excruciating pain.
  2. Clinical application of Chai Hu GuiZhi Tang modified for treatment of generalized ache better known as “conjugation of liver qi or 肝气窜 bearing similar presentations as polymyalgia; liver cirrhosis, shoulder pain and depression etc.
  3. Further explanation and application of “Lifting the lid off the teapot”. For those who attended our Pearls 2017 Jing Fang Seminar and Webinar with Professor Chen Ming will appreciate the concept of this profound theory. I quote from one of the attendees of 2017 Pearls seminar. Quote: “At the July Seminar, Professor Chen Ming, of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, spoke about the ancient concept of ‘Lifting the Lid off the Teapot’. Directing our thinking to realising the importance of the lung Qi, – to relieve the pressure from a wide variety of water mechanisms below, hence, ‘Lifting the Lid off the Teapot’. So many acute and chronic presentations are related to this mechanism. Discussion was supported by reference to Shang Han Lun, Su wen, Ling Shu and from famous doctors and their works. Even without these references, or Professor Chen’s obvious conviction, after so many years of clinical practice, I was allowed the ‘bright light’ of recognition on this subject – similar to finding another key piece in a complicated puzzle. Indeed, I felt a close witness, not for the first time, to a command performance from a master medical Professor at the peak of his powers.” Unquote. (Testimonial from James Middleton, Melbourne)

Professor Chen Ming will share with you his road-tested clinical experience in the treatment of many diseases based on the theory in Nei Jing and Shang Han Lun.

Professor Chen Ming陈明教授 is a Jing Fang practitioner with many years of clinical experience that adopts  an unique approach by combining  the theories  of Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Wen Bing and Nei Jing to treat many contemporary diseases.   Apart from his rich clinical experience he is a popular lecturer at the Beijing University and has been nominated as one of  the “Ten most popular and Beloved teachers” at the university. Professor Chen  studied under the renowned Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou and is involved in the research of “Academic Theory of Zhang Zhong Jing”. He strongly advocates that the clinical approach and education of Chinese medicine should be based upon the TCM core theory to fully reflect the holistic concept of Chinese Medicine.  Professor Chen is the author of “Chinese Medicine Four Major Classics and their Clinical Relevance” published in 2001.  His clinical forte includes treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cough, asthma , diabetes, gout, acne, irregular menstruation and many other conditions that may be treated with Jing Fang.


28th  & 29th  July 2018

Our Webinar Host: Lionel Chan

Conference venue: Victoria University, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Level 11, Room FS1106

This seminar will be streamed live from Melbourne as well as live attendance

Saturday 28th  July 2018 10am~5pm (Tea break 3pm~3.30pm)

Sunday 29th July 2018 10am~5pm (Lunch 12~1pm, Tea break 3~3.30pm)


Early bird discount: Pay before 15th June 2018

10% discount for Pearls of Wisdom VIP members

(Simply register on the website if you have attended 5 other events)


For cancellations made before June 15th, 30% of the registration fee is retained

No refund is given for cancellations made after June 15h 2018


  • Graduates & Practitioners: $415              Early bird $400
  • One day attendance:          $315 Early bird $300
  • Undergraduate students: $175               Early bird:  $155



  • Graduates & Practitioners: $465              Early bird $450
  • Undergraduate students:    $225              Early bird: $210

Please note that webinar attendees will receive the hard copy of DVD

Welcome dinner: 28th  July 2018 (Saturday) 6.30pm.

Dragon Boat Restaurant

201 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Cost:  $45 per head (Partners are welcome to join)


or post cheque to :

Greta Young T/AS Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine

Apt 301, 53 Chaucer Crescent, Canterbury, Vic 3126


DIRECT BANK TRANSFER (within Australia only):  BSB: 033-028 A/C No: 227996

PAYPAL:    Overseas participants must use Paypal (+ 3% surcharge)

Attendance Type (incl 3% surcharge)

ENQUIRIES:   Please email Pearls Seminars @



About Dr Greta Young Jie De

Dr Greta Young was awarded her masters degree of Chinese Medicine in Wen Bing at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, later returning to complete her doctorate on Shang Han Lun under the supervision of Professor Fu Yan Ling. She spent twelve years lecturing in classic literature at the major universities and colleges in Melbourne. Since 2002, Dr Greta Young has presented Chinese medicine seminars and workshops to the Australian Chinese medicine community, seeking out and bringing to this country a succession of no less than fourteen experienced academicians and clinicians from China, each a specialist in a particular field, with many years of concerted clinical experience. Over the past ten years, her efforts have been instrumental in providing some of the most valuable lecture experiences in Australia, serving as a mature level of continued educational opportunity for practitioners and advanced students alike.

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