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Wonderful 4-Day Wen Bing Workshop in the Netherlands

By Dr Greta Young Jie De

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1st~4th September 2016

The 4-Day Wen Bing Workshop in the Netherlands can be regarded as a successful and enjoyable affair with lots of Après lectures get-together  and laughter.

The lecture contents incorporate an introduction of Wen Bing theory, clinical applications and the concept of latent pathogen and warm toxin as well as Li Dong Yuan’s theory on the Spleen and stomach and how this theory applies on our daily health. Apart from the interactions with TCM practitioners from Holland, this has given me an insight into Chinese medicine practice in Europe.

My sincere thanks to Bo-Ye Academy for inviting me to conduct this  four day Wen Bing workshop. The hospitality extended during my visit was excellent.



About Dr Greta Young Jie De

Dr Greta Young was awarded her masters degree of Chinese Medicine in Wen Bing at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, later returning to complete her doctorate on Shang Han Lun under the supervision of Professor Fu Yan Ling. She spent twelve years lecturing in classic literature at the major universities and colleges in Melbourne. Since 2002, Dr Greta Young has presented Chinese medicine seminars and workshops to the Australian Chinese medicine community, seeking out and bringing to this country a succession of no less than fourteen experienced academicians and clinicians from China, each a specialist in a particular field, with many years of concerted clinical experience. Over the past ten years, her efforts have been instrumental in providing some of the most valuable lecture experiences in Australia, serving as a mature level of continued educational opportunity for practitioners and advanced students alike.

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