What is Jing Fang?

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By Professor Feng Shi Lun

The theory and philosophy of Jing Fang is first recorded in Han Shu: Yi Wen Zhi (The book of Han: Annals of Dynastic Literature).

The contemporary Shang Han specialist Professor Hu Xi Shu dedicated a lifetime of research into the practical application of Jing Fang theory. In additions to pattern identification according to the Six Channels, the key focus of Jing Fang is the eight guiding principle: ie the categorization of symptoms according to yin and yang; exterior and interior; heat and cold and deficiency and excess.

Jing Fang theory differs from the theory expressed in Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic). The text Han Shu: Yi Wen Zhi (The book of Han: Annals of Dynastic Literature) categorised ancient medical schools of thought into the Yi Jing Pai (School of Medical Canons) and the Jing Fang Pai (School of Classic Formulas). The Nei Jing is a representative of the school of Medical Cannon while Jing Fang Pai as associated with Tang Ye Jing (Decoction Canon) and Shang Han Za Bing Lun.

It could be said that Shang Han Lun and Huang Di Nei Jing belong to two different schools of medicine. In the early 1960s, Professor Hu Xi Shu unequivocally identified the correlation between Six Channel theory and the Eight Guiding Principles. His academic viewpoint was highly regarded by his peers and was published in the People’s Daily Newspaper.

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Feng Shi Lun

About Professor Feng Shi Lun

Professor Feng Shi Lun graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, practised at the Dongshimen Hospital and the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, and was appointed director of the Hu Xi Shu Jing Fang Research Centre in Beijing. In the early…Read more

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  1. Ricardo Espada Santos on

    I’m currently studying a I Ching aprouch called Jing Fang I, wich combines I Ching, chinese medicine and lunar calendar. But I can’t seem to find no more texts about it to verify is validity as a oracular sistem. Can you offer some advise on this?


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