Post-colorectal Cancer Operation and Chemotherapy

Patient Details

Name: J | Age: 80 | Race: NA | Sex: Female | Initial Consultation: May 1, 2015


In May 2015 the above patient was diagnosed cancer of the rectum.

Radiotherapy was given initially in June 2015 to shrink the tumour; 28 times of radiotherapy 5 times weekly accompanied by light chemotherapy.

Surgery was carried out in September 2015.

In November 2015, the patient resumed a stronger chemotherapy , this was stopped after 5 times as the patient can no longer tolerate the treatment. She was hospitalized due to infection for three weeks.

After she was discharged from hospital, she resumed in early January 2016 chemotherapy for a further 4 times (light chemo).

In April 2016 a reversal operation was carried out.


Currently she is suffering from a lot of wind with unpleasant smell. Her stomach was painful and her appetite was poor, at times vomiting several hours after food ingestion. Subsequent test s confirmed that she had Helicobetor Pylori (HP) and treatment of anti-biotic was given to eradicate the HP.

After the above treatment subsequent text confirmed HP (-).


Bowel movement: The patient needs to move her bowel immediately after ingestion of food. Daily bowel movement 2~3 times. She was given fibre to increase the bulk.

Urination: Nocturnal urination 1~2 times per night.

Fatigue: (-)

Sleep: Required valium 4mg per night to sleep. History of taking valium for more than 40 years.

Strong sign of blood stasis. Veins under the tongue purple and dark.

Tongue: Thin white tongue coating with cracks


Professor Li Zhong’s prescription (7th August 2017):

Support the Zheng Qi formula:

Wu Zhu Yu 6; Sheng Jiang 10; Da Zao 10; Bai Shao 20; Dang Shen 15; Gui Zhi 10; Sha Ren 6; Mu Zei Cao 10; Wu Wei Zi 10; Fo Shou 6; Zhu Ru 10; Shen Qu 15; LIan Qiao 10; Dan Shen 10; Bai He 15; Wu Yao 15; Er Zhu 10; Chao Zao Ren 10; Wu Mei 15; Chai Hu 10; Sheng Ma 6; Shan Yao 20; Sheng Gan Cao 10. Two weeks.

Follow Up

Please tune in for further report on this patient.

Professor Li Zhong

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