2017 Pearls Beijing Study Tour

A Clinical Study Tour with Professor Peng Jian Zhong, Jia Chun Hua

and Fu Yanling;

Special guest speaker: Professor Chen Ming

Organised and Interpreted by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

Our much sought-after  Beijing Study tour is now scheduled for May 2017 (22nd May~2nd  June). It was unanimously decided to switch the tour in winter to spring as the November/December  weather in Beijing can be harsh and freezing.

Details of the tour are:

Date: 22nd May ~ 2nd June 2017

Clinical observation with Professor Peng Jian Zhong, Jia Chun Hua and Fu Yanling.

*Professor Chen Ming who is a Shang Han specialist agrees to share with the tour group his special   insight into Zhang Zhong Jing Academic thoughts and the clinical effect of Jing Fang.

Details of the Study Tour:

Professor Peng Jian Zhong’s  Clinic Tuesday and Friday  (1.30~5pm)

Lecture:  Monday morning (0900~12 noon) and Wednesday afternoon (2~5pm)

Professor Jia Chun Hua’s clinic Wednesday morning (0830~1130) Guo Yi Tang

Lecture: Thursday morning (0900~12 noon) on Bi Syndrome (1st week) and Gynecological disorders (2nd Week) based on Jin Gui Yao Lue

Lecture: Professor Peng Jian Zhong will lecture on the Four Jing Yuan specialists during this tour.

The Jin-Yuan Four Specialists are referring to the theories of the four practitioners during the period of Jin and Yuan dynasty (1115-1368 AD). They are Liu Wan Su also known as Liu He Jian; Zhang Cong Zheng, Li Dong Yuan and Zhu Dan Di. They represented four different schools of thought. Liu He Jian said that all diseases are attributed to fire and heat and the corresponding treatment is to use cold and cool herbs. Zhang Cong Zheng 张从正 strongly advocated that treatment should focus on purging the pathogen as this is the only way to restore the zheng qi. Therefore treatment should be sweat promotion, emetic and purging. Li Dong Yuan’s main focus is on tonifying the spleen and stomach and treatment should be warming and tonifying the spleen and stomach hence he belongs to the school of “tonifying the earth”. Zhu Dan Xi said : “Yang is always in excess with deficiency of yin” and advocated that treatment should be nourishing yin and downbear fire.

Professor Fu Yanling’s Clinic Monday and Thursday (6~9pm)

Lecture: Saturday (0900~12 noon) on pulse diagnosis theory and practical

Our guest speaker Professor Chen Ming will lecture on the Shao Yang Disorders.

*Please note that there may be changes to Professor Jia Chun Hua’s clinic.

Professor Peng Jian Zhong 彭建中教授:



Professor Peng Jian Zhong of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has over 40 years of clinical experience in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease  as  as well as specialising in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases by applying his in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine classic theory (Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing Xue). He is the academic successor of the renowned Wen Bing specialist Professor Zhao Shao Qin who was a specialist in the treatment of chronic nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome and other kidney diseases such as renal failure and uremia. Professor Peng will give four lectures on the Jin Yuan 4 specialists ie Li Dong Yuan, Zhu Dan Xi, Liu He Jian and Zhang Chong Zhen.

Professor Fu Yanling傅延龄教授:

Professor Fu Yan Ling

Professor Fu Yan Ling was awarded his PhD in Shang Han Lun by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with the renowned Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou as his supervisor. In 1991, he was officially nominated by the Chinese government Health Department as the successor of Professor Liu Du Zhou who was a revered icon and specialist in Shang Han Lun in China. Professor Fu is a key member of Chinese Medicine Zhang Zhong Jing Research Association. Currently he is a supervisor of PhD and Master students at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Professor Fu will lecture on pulse diagnosis.

Professor Jia Chun Hua 贾春华教授


Professor Jia Chun Hua is a Jing Fang specialist and is the head of Jin Gui Yao Lue faculty at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He studied under  the renowned Jin Gui specialist Professor Zhou Xi Lin of An Hui University of Chinese Medicine and was the Ph.D student of Professor Liu Du Zhou. Professor Liu Du Zhou said: “As a student, he stands out from the rest and advances in the face of difficulties”.  He was appointed as the editor of “Jin Gui Yao Lue Jiang Yi” and has published many papers in the Chinese medicine journals. Professor Jia will lecture on Bi Syndrome and Women Abdominal pain based on formulas from Jin Gui Yao Lue.

Professor Chen Ming 陈明教授 (Guest speaker)


Professor Chen Ming is a Jing Fang practitioner with many years of clinical experience that adopts  an unique approach by combining  the theories  of Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Wen Bing and Nei Jing to treat many contemporary diseases.   Apart from his rich clinical experience he is a popular lecturer at the Beijing University and has been nominated as one of  the “Ten most popular and Beloved teachers” at the university. Professor Chen  studied under the renowned Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou and is involved in the research of “Academic Theory of Zhang Zhong Jing”. He strongly advocates that the clinical approach and education of Chinese medicine should be based upon the TCM core theory to fully reflect the holistic concept of Chinese Medicine.  Professor Chen is the author of “Chinese Medicine Four Major Classics and their Clinical Relevance” published in 2001.  His clinical forte includes treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cough, asthma , diabetes, gout, acne, irregular menstruation and many other conditions that may be treated with Jing Fang. Professor Chen Ming will share with us his clinical experience and treatment of Shao Yang disorders.

This  study tour provides an  unique opportunity to meet and study with Professor Fu Yanling and Professor Chen Ming who dedicate their life-long study of the academic theory and practical applications of Zhong Zhong Jing’s theory. Professor Jia Chun Hua is a Jin Gui Yao Lue specialist who will share with us the clinical approach for treatment of bi-syndrome and gynegological disorders based on formulas from Jin Gui Yao Lue.  Professor Peng Jian Zhong who visited Australia in 2016 and shared with us his clinical knowledge for treatment of  chronic nephritis. He also specialises in the  theories and application of the Four Jing Yuan specialists  ie Li Dong Yuan, Zhu Dan Xi, Liu He Jian and Zhang Cong Zheng and how their academic theories  can be applied in the treatment of many modern diseases.

Cost: A$2500 for two weeks (The fee does not include airfare, accommodation or food ect during the two weeks  stay in China)

A 10% deposit is required to secure your place on or before 15th January 2017 with the full balance   of the tour to be paid on or before  15th April 2017. Cancellation before 15th January  is free;  a 30% cancellation fee will apply after 15th January  2017. Early registration is recommended as we can only take 10 in the tour.

Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine can assist with the hotel bookings in Beijing.

Choice of hotels:

  • Hotel Grand Continental RMB 560 per day excluding breakfast. Cost of breakfast per day RMB 80
  • Crown Plaza Holiday Inn RMB 675 per day including breakfast
  • Jing Guan Wan Hotel (Beijing University campus) RMB238 per day including breakfast

Taxi charges from the airport to the above hotels is approximately RMB 90.

A special banquet will be hosted to complete the tour on Friday evening 2nd June 2017. Expenses of the dinner will be shared by all the attendees.

Exchange rate of RMB to A$ 1= RMB 5.18 subject to currency fluctuation

Method of payment:

Direct transfer to Pearls Account:

Greta Young T/AS Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine

BSB: 033-028 Account number: 227996

Swift code: WPACAU2S

Paypal: pearlsreg@nullgmail.com

Please note that a 3% levy is added  if paid by Paypal

For further details and enquiry: pearlsreg@nullgmail.com

Please be advised that Gmail is not available during your stay in China. You can open a Hotmail account for purpose of communicating with your friends and family.


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