Announcing our 2019 Beijing Study Tour

Beijing Temple of Heaven

Pearls of Wisdom is proud to announce our forthcoming 2019 Beijing Study Tour scheduled for November 2019. It has taken us sometime in our behind the scene negotiations with renowned professors to enable our tour group to attend their clinics during our two-week study tour. This 2019 STudy Tour will provide many aspects of Chinese Medicine by incorporating TCM management of diabetes, hypothyroidism, gout, psoriasis and many Jing Fang formulas to treat skin disorders.

Date of Tour: From 18th November 2019 (Monday) to 29th November 2019 (Friday).

Location:  First week is held in Jing Fang College in Shun Yi (Northeast  Beijing)  and the second week is held at the Beijing Guangan’men Hospital and Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Cost: A$3000 per head (Tour only). This does not include airfare and hotel accommodation.

Pearls of Wisdom will be collaborating with the Jing Fang College in Shun Yi, Beijing. The objective is to enhance our future educational programs and study tours. Jing Fang College was founded by Professor Xue Ju Fu in 1986 with the aim of providing a continued education program for Chinese Medicine practitioners in China. In 2018, Jing Fang College was nominated as a cooperative association with the Chinese Medicine Research and Development Association. Its mission is to host and organize educational programs by providing seminars and lectures with renowned professors as guest speakers. In addition, there is a   full dispensary together with rooms for clinical consultations.  Pearls of Wisdom has negotiated for the first week of our study tour to be held in Shun Yi with a full program of lectures and clinics by Professor Xue Ju Fu and Professor Fu Yanling.

The second week of our tour will be in  Central Beijing with three days of lectures and clinics by the renowned TCM endocrinologist Professor Ni Qing of Guangan’men Hospital. Currently, we are negotiating with another professor at the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital to conduct two days of lectures and clinics in the management of skin diseases.

Please click on the video thumbnail below for a quick review of past Pearls China Study Tours, by a regular attendee from Holland.

Pearls of Wisdom would like to advise that our webinar host Lionel Chan will be recording the full content of all the lectures and clinics we attend. This concept was introduced as a special consideration for TCM practitioners with a busy clinic and family commitments who cannot afford the time to be away but still wish to gain the benefit of the tour by purchasing the DVD.

For practitioners who are interested in attending the tour, a 10% deposit is required with the full balance being paid on or before 18th September 2019. A 30% of the tour cost will be levied for cancellation after 18th October 2019.


Professor Xue Ju Fu

Professor Xue Ju Fu is the successor of the iconic Chinese Medicine master Shi Jin Mo who was renowned for the applications of “Paired Herbs “in the management of many difficult to treat diseases and he is also a disciple of Professor Zhu Yuyu who specialized in the management of diabetes. Professor Xue Ju Fu  is the founder of Jing Fang College and will be a prime lecturer during the first week of our tour in Shun Yi.

Professor Fu Yan Ling

Professor Fu Yanling

is a renowned Shang Han Jing Fang practitioner with many years of clinical experience in the management of gastrointestinal disorders. He is the designated successor of Professor Liu Dou Zhou. Currently, Professor Fu Yanling is currently the Dean of Jing Fang College in Shun Yi, Beijing. Professor Fu Yanling is a renowned JIng Fang practitioner.


Professor Ni Qing

is the head of the endocrine Department at the Guangan’men Hospital specialising in the treatment of diabetes and its complications as well as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism diseases. Professor Ni’s  approach in the management of diabetes is to adopt the traditional Chinese medicine theory of pattern identification. In March 2018,  he was invited as  guest speaker of the four-day diabetes workshop in the Netherlands and his lectures gained standing ovation from all who attended.

Professor Zhou Dong Mei

is Chief physician of the Dermatology Department of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital (also known as Kuan Jie Yi Yuan), specialising in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis. Professor Zhou will be lecturing our tour group on the Chinese medicine management of psoriasis and eczema and attending her clinic. The Kuan Jie Yi Yuan is the leading hospital for treatment of all types of skin disease. The Dermatology Department was founded by the renowned TCM skin specialist, Professor Zhao Bing Nan and under his guidance, the hospital has many topical creams and ointments to be applied simultaneously with the herbal remedies.

Associate Professor Zhang

is a chief physician of the dermatology department of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital since 1996 and he specializes in the management of chronic urticaria and psoriasis by using Jing Fang. He is the author of a published article entitled “ Gui Zhi Tang group formulas in the treatment of chronic urticaria”. Zhang Cang will be lecturing on “Jing Fang Treatment of Skin Diseases” to our Study group as well as attending his clinic at the hospital.

Peng Jian ZhongProfessor Peng Jian Zhong 彭建中教授 of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has over 40 years of clinical experience in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease as as well as specialising in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases by applying his in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine classic theory (Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing Xue). He is the academic successor of the renowned Wen Bing specialist Professor Zhao Shao Qin who was a specialist in the treatment of chronic nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome and other kidney diseases such as renal failure and uremia.

Professor Peng Jian Zhong has agreed to share with us a three-hour discussion on the TCM Management of Chronic Nephritis including how to deal with proteinuria, haematuria, elevated creatinine etc.  It will be on Monday 25th November from 0830~1130.





Professor Xue Ju Fu: Si Jin Mo’s Dui Yao in the management of insomnia and anxiety

Professor Ni Qing: Case Analysis, TCM management of hypothyroidism(低甲) and Gout (痛风)

Professor Zhou Dong Mei: TCM management of psoriasis and external treatment

Professor Zhang Cang : Jing Fang Treatment of Skin Diseases

Professor Peng Jiang Zhong: Chinese medicine Management of Chronic Nephritis scheduled for Monday 25th November from 0830~1130. Professor Chen Ming regrettably due to unforeseen commitments will be able to fulfill the three-hour lecture scheduled for Friday 29th November 2019 from 0900~12noon.

Location : First week  Jing Fang College, Beijing Shun Yi District Kong Gang Rong Hui Yan 23-2.

Second Week: Saturday, Monday and Thursday Guang’anmen Hospital, Beijing, Xicheng,      Lianfang Hutong, Beijing.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Shou Du Medical University, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital

Beijing, Dong Cheng District, 23 Mei Shu Guan Hou Jie

Hotel: Shun Yi: Beijing, Shunyi, Kong Gang B District Rong Hui Yuan 1 Beijing Fuyong Yulong International Hotel.  The hotel location is approx  8 minutes by walk to the Jing Fang College.

For attendees who wish to share a twin room, please advise Greta in advance.

Beijing Hotel: Beijing Continental Grand Hotel, 8 Beichen E. Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100190

Fuyong Yulong International Hotel: RMB 308 per day

Beijing Continental Grand Hotel: RMB 580 per day

China Visa: You would require hotel confirmation before application of visa (Tourist visa is recommended)

10% of the tour cost to be paid on or before 30th June 2019

Balance of the tour cost to be paid on or before 30th September 2019

Payment Method: Bank Transfer to : Greta Young BSB033028 Account Number 227996

Paypal:  3% surcharge for payment by Paypal.

Optional Tai Chi Class: I have contacted a Tai Chi Master in Beijing and his name is Sun Xiao Feng who can teach Tai Chi in English. Tai Chi lesson can be organized on Friday 22nd November after (3-5pm); Sunday 24th November morning (9-11am) and on Monday 25th November 2019 (9-10am) at a cost of RMB 1200.



Cost of 2019 Beijing Study Tour: A3,000 (The cost does not include hotel accommodation, food and transport). A 10% deposit is required.

Balance of payment: On or before 10th October 2019

A 3% levy is required if paid by Paypal. Bank transfer details: Westpac Bank BSB:033-028 A/C # 227996.

Timetable of 2019 Beijing Study Tour




18th Nov


19th Nov



20th Nov


21st Nov


22nd Nov


23rd Nov



Xue Ju Fu ClinicFu Yanling


Lecture : Jing Fang Treatment of abnormal bowel movements.

Fu Yanling (3 hours)

Xue Ju Fu  ClinicSummary of

Shun Yi Tour

Discussion and Q & A

Ni Qing



1.30~3:30 (2 hours)

Case Study AnalysisCase Study


Xue Ju Fu ClinicSi Jin Mo’s Dui Yao in the management of insomnia and anxiety

Xu Ju Fu (3 hours)


Treatment of Gout




6~9 pm

Week Two



25th Nov


26th Nov


27th Nov


28th Nov


29th Nov


0830~12 noon


Zhou Dong Mei

Lecture on Psoriasis

Zhang Cang

Clinic Skin

Ni Qing




Chen Ming



1.30~5 pm

Ni Qing




Kuan Jie


Jing Fang Treatment of Skin DisordersChinese Medicine Management of Hypothyroidism






Lecture Ni Qing

Case Analysis