Live webinars scheduled for 2021 in collaboration with Bo-Yi Academy of the Netherlands

2020 has been a year of turmoil with the global pandemic of COVID 19 which vastly affects the world’s economy and disrupts the day-to-day life of everybody. It is hoped that 2021 would herald a year of great expectation with gradual recovery of our daily life.

Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine will be collaborating with Bo-Yi Academy of the Netherlands in hosting three live webinars for 2021. The first 2021 event is scheduled for 20 & 21 March. The topic is on the Contemporary TCM Management of hypo and hyperthyroidism and our guest speaker is Professor Ni Qing of Guang’anmen Hospital, Beijing. Professor Ni Qing conducted a very successful four-day Diabetes workshop in March 2018 in the Netherlands with standing ovation for his innovative lectures in the management of diabetes and associated complications. More details of this March webinar.

The second and third live webinars will be scheduled for 5th & 6th June and 18th & 19th September. The topics will be on “Contemporary Applications of Jing Fang 1 and 2”. We are hoping to share with you the contemporary scope of Jing Fang by featuring many Chinese herbs to fast track the outcome of chemical datas based on the findings of modern researches on some of the frequently used herbs in Jing Fang.