4-DAY Seminar with Professor Fu Yanling on Gastro-Intestinal Disease


Academy of Bo-Yi 博医 is very proud to announce the forthcoming seminar with Professor Fu Yanling of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China. This event is a unique opportunity to meet and study with the successor of the iconic Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou. Professor Fu Yanling is renowned for his successful treatment of many difficult-to-treat gastro-intestinal diseases using Jing Fang. He will share his knowledge and insights to improve our skill in treating gastro-intestinal disorders with Jing Fang.

This seminar is organised by Academie Bo-Yi in collaboration with Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine, Australia.


During this 4-day seminar Professor Fu will discuss many gastro-intestinal related disorders as well as touch upon many diseases such as insomnia, upper respiratory tract disease, heart disease, hypertension, vertigo and gynaecological diseases and much more.

Professor Fu Yanling will share his road-tested clinical experience by discussing herbal related formula patterns like the Chai Hu group, Gui Zhi group, Xie Xin group, Li Zhong Tang group of formulas from the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.

Time and Place:

3~6 September 2015

10am~1300; 1400~1700

Zoetemeer, Holland.


495 Euro


Dr. Greta Young Jie De

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