Writing Precise Prescriptions with Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods – Ongoing Webinar Course

Jason C Blalack

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3 CPE per class, 30 CPE in total (points can be used for 2015)
Preapproved with AACMA, ANTA and NZRA (click here for US CEU approved course)

STREAMED LIVE to your home or office throughout 2014, with
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Next session: Saturday 14th June 2014
9am – 12pm (Melbourne time)
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“Jason Blalack’s distillation of Qin Bo–Wei insights and observations on the complex art of prescription are practical and sophisticated. Recommended for those serious about advancing their prescribing skills.”
– Will Maclean, Teacher, Author and Practitioner for over 23 years

“Love the case studies. Love the theory. Love the challenge.”
– Suzanne Cochrane, TCM Bachelors Course Advisor, University of Western Sydney

“I found the course very clear. I have not long since graduated and have found the classics a lot more logical to my way of thinking in the treatment of Chinese Medicine. To have the opportunity for this information being shared with me is amazing. Thank you so much.”
– Recent TCM Graduate

“I spent 10 years with my Jing Fang mentor and mainly use SHL and JGYL formulas.  
What Jason teaches in his course in Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods has already opened the doors to new understandings for me, including a deeper appreciation of my existing foundation.
The focus on Treatment Methods and the ideas behind them means I can apply them with the tools I am already most familiar withAt the same time, the detailed clinical information provided about individual herbs outside of my core has been invaluable.”
– Jing Fang Lineage Practitioner, 12 years experience

Pearls of Wisdom Seminars is proud to present an ongoing webinar course in Writing Precise Prescriptions with Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods, with Jason Blalack.


Qin Bo Wei was one of the most important Scholar-Physicians of the 20th Century, and a major contributor to the synthesis that became modern TCM.

A strong advocate for the study of Chinese Medicine classical texts and deeper appreciation of underlying theory, many of his most important ideas were not adopted. Consequently much of the foundation that Dr. Qin thought was so important is missing in what we learn today.

Led by Jason Blalack, who studied under one of Qin’s main pupils Wu Bo-Ping, this course is designed for TCM trained practitioners seeking to learn:

  • the missing foundation required to diagnose clearly and fluidly;
  • a proven method to progressively grow beyond the basic zang-fu pattern structure and integrate deeper Classical knowledge into your practice;
  • a capacity for precise herbal prescription through writing smaller, individualised, more targeted formulas;
  • faster results and/or confirmation that your strategy is on the right track
  • clinical refinement through case mentorship and analysis

Hear more from Jason about the course by registering for access to the FREE 1.5 hour introduction now.


The 10 series course will use Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Treatment Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions (click here to read the introduction) as a recommended textbook. It will go into detail through the 11 major pathologies, such as Phlegm, Wind, Qi, Blood etc.

Each 3 hour lecture will cover the broad picture of the new topic area/s, including:

  • Pathological sources and causes
  • Clinical manifestations, locations and symptoms

Following this, more nuanced discussion of the associated Treatment Methods will be delved into, including:

  • Key clinical diagnostic criteria
  • The associated flagship formula and how to modify it
  • How the Method relates to classical Chinese medicine
  • Numerous case studies to demonstrate how they are used

In this way, you will be able to apply techniques immediately to obtain superior, more precise results in the clinic. At the same time, you will be connecting to a clearer way of thinking that will continue to deepen with your practice.

Question times are included, to further enhance the interactivity and learning. Bringing in one’s own tricky related cases you see in the clinic between classes is highly recommended as well. Jason will select and summarise the top submissions and cover them thoroughly in the subsequent session. As a bonus for full course registrants, Jason will give special attention to your case study questions on the Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods Facebook Discussion Group.

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Classes will be made available to all registrants for unlimited Replay on Demand up until May 2015

**Note: these topic details are subject to change**

Class 0: 1.5 hours (free)
Introduction to Qin Bowei’s system. (register now for access to replay)
Saturday 12th April 10am-11.30am (Melbourne)

Class 1: 3 hours
Wind & Phlegm (part 1)(full details here)
Saturday 17th May 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 2: 3 hours
Phlegm (cont) & Food (part 1) (full details here)
Saturday 14th June 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 3: 3 hours
Food (cont) & Qi (click here to see the Food introduction)
Saturday 12th of July 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 4: 3 hours
Qi (cont) & Blood (part 1)
Saturday 6th September 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 5: 3 hours
Blood (cont) & Deficiency  (part 1)
Saturday 4th of October 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 6: 3 hours
Deficiency (Part 2)
Saturday 25th of October 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 7: 3 hours
Deficiency (cont) & Cold (part 1)
Saturday 22nd of November 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 8: 3 hours
Cold & Summer Heat
Saturday 20th of December 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 9: 3 hours
Sunday 1st of February 9am-12pm (Melbourne)

Class 10: 3 hours
Sunday 7th March 9am-12pm (Melbourne) (TBC)

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1) Is the course focused more on clinical information or theoretical foundations?

2) Having studied other systems and Schools of Chinese herbal medicine, will I be more confused by this course?

3) How does the material in the course and in the recommended textbook differ?

Answer 1) Clinical Focus
Though there are historical and theoretical issues that are key to understanding how and why the 56 Methods were synthesised, these will not be part of the course beyond the preview.

The focus of this series is 100% clinical, where all of the scholarly heavy lifting has already been done. Filled with clinical pearls that you will be able to use immediately, the Classical way of thinking it teaches will also pay ongoing benefits in your practice, even long after the course is over.

Answer 2) Clarity and Integration
The 56 Methods is not just another diagnostic system to compete with others you may already know

Chinese Medicine is a diverse field. Rather than add more confusion with yet another perspective, Qin Bo-Wei designed the Methods to create clarity and empowerment by bringing perspectives together as a coherent whole. In fact, the Treatment Methods approach you will learn will help you integrate and utilise your existing knowledge even better. Though the style of prescription taught here is from the Meng He lineage, the way of thinking is universal.

Answer 3) The Course and the Book
There is a great deal of information Jason and Dr Wu put together that was not able to be included as part of the 56 Treatment Methods book. Once the Methods approach is understood, it really opens the doors to understanding the wealth of scholarly and clinical records that is part of our tradition. Jason and Dr Wu did a great deal of work in extracting this information into such an accessible form, and a great deal more of this is included in the course.

In particular, there will be much more case study material in the course than in the book, which especially suits this more interactive format.

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Single session: $75.00
Five sessions: $365.00
Entire course: $650.00

Full-time student and some association discounts apply, please email pearlsreg@nullgmail.com  for more information

Bank Transfer: Jason Blalack c/o Lionel Chan, BSB: 923-100, A/C: 30572904 (Note this is not the usual Pearls bank account). Leave your full name (as much as fits) in the description.

Paypal: A 3% surcharge applies. Please specify in the note which class/classes you are purchasing in online registration and use this button below:

incl 3% finance fee

Credit Card over the Phone: A 3% surcharge applies. Please email us at pearlsreg@nullgmail.com with good times over the week to call you back about this, or add it in the note at the end of the online registration.


Please email Pearls Seminars pearlsreg@nullgmail.com, or leave a message on (02) 8061 6037 for a return call by the next business day.

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