A Very Successful 4-Day Diabetes Workshop in the Netherlands

8th to 11th March 2018

by Professor Ni Qing of GuangAn Men Hospital, Beijing

The collaboration of the 4-Day Diabetes Workshop between Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine and Bo-Yi Academy in the Netherlands was very well received with a standing ovation.

Professor Ni Qing’s presentation apart from sharing the treatment approach with Jing Fang, particularly emphasized the significance of having a comprehensive understanding of Western Medicine. The reason behind this is to enable the western medicine practitioner to form a better understanding of how Chinese medicine works and the rationale behind the approach. It is very inspirational when this is explained to the attendees. We cite an example of why TCM treatment of tonifying qi and blood for a diabetic nephropathy patient who is suffering from anaemia due to proteinuria is so effective.

In addition to the normal lecture, Professor Ni cited four case studies and gave a detailed explanation as to why a particular formula was used. It was an absolutely awe inspiring experience.

For those who wish to purchase this 4-Day Diabetes workshop, the DVD will be available online once it is edited. Please stay tuned for more details.