Health World Chinese Medicine Pearls Seminar/webinar 2014

Professor Xu Xin


Once again our Pearls Chinese Medicine Annual Seminar presented in Melbourne at VU on July 5th & 6th and in Sydney at UTS on July 12th & 13th was a resounding success.

This annual event was very well supported with more than 160 attendees in Melbourne and Sydney.

Everyone found Professor Xu Xin’s lecture very valuable and relevant, sharing as she did her extensive experience.

One of the highlights was her explanation about the theoretical strategy of using different formulas at different phases of the menstrual cycle, for instance nourishing yin in the follicular phase, or tonifying yang in the luteal phase, etc.  Professor Xu Xin explained that this strategy was developed by practitioners in the late 60s and early 70s and was based largely on the Western understanding of fluctuating hormone levels in the female menstrual cycle. However, this is now considered to be less relevant and is now rarely used by Chinese medicine gynaecologists. Rather, the emphasis is on the patient’s clinical presentation and on pattern differentiation. Professor Xu Xin cited the example of the routine use of warming herbs in the luteal phase may not be appropriate when the patient does not present with yang deficiency, and even less appropriate in yin deficiency when the overuse of warming herbs can exacerbate the yin deficiency.   Everyone was impressed by Professor Xu’s definitive diagnoses, her herbal combinations, and by her use of cold herbs where warranted.

The entire seminar DVD will be available early next week and  the cost of the two days DVD is $250. A 20 minute preview of the seminar on infertility is viewable below:

For registered attendees of our Melbourne and Sydney seminar, the cost of the DVD is $50, only for a limited time.

Greta Young Jie De

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