A 4-Day Wen Bing Workshop in the Netherlands by Greta Young

Bo Yi Academy 博医of Holland will be hosting a 4-day Wen Bing Workshop in September (1st to 4th ) 2016 by Dr. Greta Young Jie De. For more details, please read

2016 Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar

Our annual Pearls Chinese Medicine seminar/webinar is scheduled for the weekend of 2nd & 3rd July 2016. This year our keynote speaker is Professor Peng Jian Zhong of Beijing University who will present a lecture on the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Register now for this seminar.

An Insight into the clinical applications of Sheng Xian Tang By Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

Introduction: During one of my recent Pearls 2015 Beijing Study Tour in November 2015, I was very inspired by Professor Zhao Jin Xi’s application of Sheng Xian Tang for treatment of Diabetes and Chronic nephritis based on the patients’ presentation of… Read more »

2015 Beijing Study Tour – Retrospective

Our Beijing Study Tour went extremely well and we now have available a free video retrospective, with a brief introduction to Li Zhong’s Yu Fang Tang cancer clinic, as well as an interview with members of our Beijing tour group.

LAST CHANCE to join our 2015 Beijing Study Tour

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from the clinical experience of three renowned Beijing professors on management of cancer, gastro-intestinal disorders and diabetes.

2015 Beijing Study Tour

Our much sought-after Beijing Study tour is now scheduled for November 2015 instead of December 2015 as previously planned. Details of the tour are: Date: 23rd November 2015 (Monday) ~ 5th December 2015 Clinical observation with Professor Li Zhong on C… Read more »

Pearls of Wisdom’s Collaboration with Bo Yi博医 Academy 2015 4-Day Workshop

Our 4-Day Jing Fang Workshop in collaboration with Bo Yi Academy of the Netherlands went extremely well with attendees from Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Most of them are Chinese medicine practitioners with strong passion for Chinese Medicine an… Read more »

Review of the Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine 2015 Seminar

  The Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine 2015 seminars were supported by some practitioners who attended our previous 2013 seminar and would like to learn more of the practical application of different types of cancer treatments. In Melbourne we ha… Read more »

4-DAY Seminar with Professor Fu Yanling on Gastro-Intestinal Disease

  Academy of Bo-Yi 博医 is very proud to announce the forthcoming seminar with Professor Fu Yanling of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China. This event is a unique opportunity to meet and study with the successor of the iconic Shang Han spe… Read more »

More on Pearls 2015 Seminar/Webinar by Professor Li Zhong

I have received feedbacks from our past attendees inquiry about the 2015 lecture topics and whether there will be any difference between the two presentations by Professor Li Zhong. I would like to assure attendees that our 2015 presentation is focused… Read more »