Pearls 2022 Live Webinar On Chinese Medicine Treatment of Eczema and Chronic Urticaria

Pearls 2022 Live Webinar On Chinese Medicine Treatment of Eczema and Chronic Urticaria

To celebrate our Pearls Chinese Medicine 20th anniversary, we would like to announce that our 2022 March live webinar is NOW OPEN for practitioners to express their interest to attend this event scheduled for 19th & 20th March 2022.

Interpreter: Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

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Topic: Day one on TCM treatment of eczema by Professor Zhou Dong Mei (周东梅 教授) of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing, China.

Day two: TCM treatment of chronic urticaria by Professor Zhang Cang 张苍教授).

Time: (Melbourne) 7pm to 10pm (3 hours each day with 30 minutes break and Q & A at the end of each session)

Cost: Full Registration: $375  Early Bird: $350 (on or before 18th February 2022.)

Student: $200 ; Early bird $180 (on or before 18th February 2022).

Special note: For the first 45 registered attendees attending our 2021 Pearls Live Webinar will be entitled to access the FREE DOWNLOAD  of the English translated version of “Professor Zhao Bing Nan Handbook on TCM Treatment of Skin Diseases”. PLEASE NOTE that when you register and paid  to attend the 2021 Pearls live webinar, we will send you a coupon that you are eligible to this special gift of the FREE DOWNLOAD. As mentioned in our 2021, Pearls of Wisdom is allocating a quota of 45 registed attendees of our September 2021 live webinar. Currently the remaining quota is FIVEand is based on first come first serve basis. Another point for you to take on board is your registration is only valid  after payment is made. 

NOTE: Priority to access the free download applical to the 2021 September 2021 attendees in Australia and the Netherlands. We had a total of 40 attendees eligible for the free download, therefore early registration to enjoy the free download are FIVE ONLY.  If you miss this opportunity then you need to wait to purchase the handbook once it is up for sale.


Professor Zhou Dong MeiProfessor Zhou Dong Mei: Professor Zhou Dongmei 周东梅教授 of Shou Du Medical University, Kuan Jie Hospital in Beijing is currently a member of the Psoriasis Group of the Dermatology Branch of the Chinese Academy of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Professor Zhou  is the Chief physician of the Dermatology Department of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital (also known as Kuan Jie Hospital), specialising in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis. Since her graduation in 1995, she has been engaged in both clinical and scientific research relating to  dermatology. Thereafter, she studied under the renowned TCM dermatologist Professor Zhang Zhili.


Professor Zhang CangProfessor Zhang Cang : Professor Zhang Cang (张苍教授) is a chief physician of the dermatology department of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital since 1996 . He is renowned for the application of Jing Fang in the management of  dermatological disorders such as Chronic Urticaria and Psoriasis . He is the author of a published article entitled “ Gui Zhi Tang group formulas in the treatment of chronic urticaria”. Professor Zhang Cang is available for online consultation via Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine.

The Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital (also known as Kuan Jie Hospital)  is the leading hospital for treatment of all types of skin disease. The Dermatology Department was founded by the renowned TCM skin specialist, Professor Zhao Bing Nan 赵柄南 and under his guidance, the hospital has many topical creams and ointments to be applied simultaneously with  herbal remedies.

More detailed information on this 20th Pearls Anniversary live webinar will be posted soon when I receive more information and lecture outlines from the above two professors.

Practitioners are welcome to express your interest to attend this 2022 Live  March Webinar by sending email to Dr. Greta Young  via

Introduction of Professor Zhao Bing Nan 赵柄南教授

This handbook on clinical applications of many prevalent skin disorders can be regarded as a live-long road-tested experience of the renowned TCM skin specialist Professor Zhao Bing Nan of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing. The handbook serves as a guide for the treatment of many skin diseases and many of the formulae have been applied in today’s clinical by the Dermatological Department of many TCM skin specialists in Beijing.

Zhao Bing Nan successively served as the director, deputy dean, and honorary dean of the Department of Dermatology of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and concurrently as the director of Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was elected as a member of the Chinese Medical Association and its Surgery Society and the Society of Dermatology, and a deputy of the National Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Beijing Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Served as a professor in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Capital Medical College and a member of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. He was also elected as a representative of the second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing People’s Congress, and a representative of the fourth and fifth National People’s Congress. Professor Zhao Bing Nan had been engaged in dermatological surgery for more than 60 years. In his later years, he devoted and specialized in the treatment and research of skin diseases.

For treatment of acute inflammatory skin diseases, Professor Zhao was focused on the differentiation of heart and liver and gallbladder, and his favorite prescription is “Long Dan Xie Gan Tang”. Professor Zhao reiterated that the heart and liver fire is the sole cause of acute inflammatory skin diseases, and “Long Dan Xie Gan Tang” is the indicated formula to clear the liver and gallbladder damp-heat. There are several versions of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang. With Li Dong Yuan’s version of Long Dan Xie Gan tang contains Chai Hu to target the damp-heat of the liver and gallbladder mainly addressing inhibited urination with lifting and dispersing function. Other versions of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang recorded in “Zheng Zhi Zhun Sheng” contains Ren Shen, Zhi Mu, Mai Dong, Wu Wei Zi apart from purging the liver and gallbladder fire, it also nourishes the yin blood. While “Shen Shi Zun Sheng Shu沈氏尊生书” version of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, there are no Sheng Di and Che Qian Zi but instead Qing Pi, Bai Shao, Chai Hu are added to disperse the constrained liver and astringe the yin.Thus, Professor Zhao based on his clinical experience on the action of Long Dan Xie Gan Tang attributed to damp-heat. In his formula, Zhi Zi clears heart fire and purge the heat in the triple jiao while Sheng Di, Dan Pi,Sheng Gan Cao cool blood and relieve toxicity; Mu Tong, Che Qian Zi and Ze Xie clear and disinhibit damp-heat. Da Huang is added to purge heat by reducing the fire wood. Apart from eliminating Chai Hu for lifting and dispersing; Mai Dong and Wu Wei Zi from astringing; his own modified version of “San Xin Tang” (Liang Zi Xin,Lian Qiao and Sheng Zhi Zi) to augment the heat purging of the heart fire’s function. For treatment of herpes zoster, Zhu Ye can be used instead of Lian Qiao. Professor Zhao’s favourite formula is Wei Ling Tang to clear dampness.

Example of one of Zhao Bing Nan’s frequently used formula known as “Wu Hua Tang Cooling the Blood formula’

Ingredients:  Hong Hua 9-15g; Ji Guan Hua 9-15g; Ling Xiao Hua 9-15g; Mei Gui Hua 9-15g; Ye Jue Hua 9-15g

Action: Cool and invigorate blood; disperse wind and relieve toxicity

Indications: Early  stage of discoid lupus erythematosus, pityriasis rosea (rheumatoid rash), erythema multiforme (blood wind sores) and all early stages of erythematous skin diseases. Partial to the upper body or all over the body.

Greta Young Jie De et al are very honored to be given the permission to translate the entire text which was meant exclusively for internal use of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital students and staffs only.

ATTENTION: As mentioned in our emails there is a quota (45) for the registered attendees of our Pearls 2021 September live webinar. Now we have 40, therefore there is only 5 remaining for the free download. If you still wish to get this handbook, you need to purchase the handbook when it is available for sale.

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