Our first live-streamed webinar is a success!

Pearls of Wisdom now Fully Embraces the technology of the 21st Century In the Promotion of Chinese Medicine Globally

Our First 2019 April Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine live-streamed webinar online and live at UTS University in Sydney was a huge success, credit to the technology of the 21st century and the skilful management of our webinar host Lionel Chen together with the team from the Jing Fang College in Beijing. Our key presenter was Professor Chen Ming from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with Dr. Greta Young Jie De as the interpreter in Sydney, Australia. Professor Chen Ming is a gifted lecturer and similar to his two previous presentations in 2017 and 2018, he again imparted some very interesting aspects in the management of Upper Respiratory Infection disorders. The focus of the webinar is on three important formulas from Shang Han Lun ie Xiao Qing Long Tang, Ma Huang Tang and Gui Zhi jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang. Ma Huang a banned herb in Australia which can be substituted with Jing Jie and if there is any wheezing, Xing Ren can be added. Furthermore, if there is inhibited urination as a result of the upper respiratory tract disorder, Wu Ling San can be incorporated. Ma Huang can be regarded as a key herb for the treatment of URTI diseases, apart from releasing exterior; it can sedate wheezing and also address inhibited urination. Therefore, if Ma Huang is substituted with Jing Jie, it can release exterior only.

Pearls of Wisdom is grateful that we have a fine team to deal with all aspects of this online webinar and the good internet connections from Australia and Beijing. We wish to express our sincere thanks to Chris Zaslawski of UTS for providing us with a well-equipped conference room and also the reciprocal venue at the Beijing end with Jing Fang College and the IT team.

Introduction of Jing Fang College in Beijing, China

Jing Fang College was initially established in 1986 with the objective to provide further training and educational program for TCM practitioners. In 2018, Jing Fang College was nominated as a cooperative association with the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine Research and Development. Its mission is to host and organize continued educational programs to all the registered TCM practitioners in China by inviting many renowned guest speakers of  Chinese medicine. The founder of the Jing Fang College is Professor Xue Ju Fu 薛锯夫 who is the successor of the iconic Shi Jin Mo 施今墨 and a  disciple of Zhu Yuyu (1914~1999) who was a renowned diabetes specialist. In addition, Professor Xue Ju Fu is the dean of the Beijing Xing Yuan Jing Fang Chinese Medicine Hospital.  Professor Fu Yanling is the principle of the Jing Fang College. Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine will be collaborating with Jing Fang College for many future educational programs and study tours.

From the Pearls Team