Pearls of Wisdom’s Collaboration with Bo Yi博医 Academy 2015 4-Day Workshop

Our 4-Day Jing Fang Workshop in collaboration with Bo Yi Academy of the Netherlands went extremely well with attendees from Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Most of them are Chinese medicine practitioners with strong passion for Chinese Medicine and Jing Fang in particular.

I am delighted to say that Professor Fu Yanling and I worked very well as a team with special rapport and comprehension of Jing Fang. Feedbacks from the workshop group were unanimously positive. It can be said that Pearls of Wisdom is now truly linked with Europe.

Bo Yi Academy was founded by three very enthusiastic TCM practitioners in 2011 whose objective is to raise the level of Chinese Medicine in Europe. Their annual intake of students is approx. 50~60 . Next year Bo Yi Academy intends to provide a three year Master Degree course and there is a strong possibility to instigate some form of collaboration with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in China.

On behalf of Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine it is our goal to work closely with Bo Yi Academy to deliver future Chinese Medicine Master course with strong focus on the major classic such as Shang Han Lun, Jing Gui Yao Lue and Wen Bing.

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