Reflect on 2019 Pearls Beijing Study Tour

Our 2019 Beijing Study Tour initially encountered many issues including the cancellation of a planned lecture and clinic by Professor Ni Qing for reasons not clearly defined. Therefore, alternative lectures and clinics with other professors had to be arranged at the last minute. In any case, once that was sorted, the rest of the tour went extremely well. Our first week of the tour was scheduled in Shun Yi, a district approx 32 km to the Centre of Beijing (The Forbidden City). During the week, apart from attending clinics with Professor Xue Ju Fu and Professor Fu Yanling, two lectures were delivered on Jing Fang Management on “Insomnia and Anxiety” by Professor Xue Ju Fu and Chai Hu Formulas for treatment of “Abnormal Bowel Movement” by Professor Fu Yanling. Professor Xue Ju Fu is a disciple of the renowned Zhu Chen Yu who specialized in the management of diabetes with a strong focus to use paired herbs to enhance the treatment outcome.  Apart from the Jing Fang College, Professor Xue also runs the Jing Fang Hospital in Shun Yi.

The second week, we spent the best part of the week at the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, renowned for its management of skin diseases. This faculty was pioneered by the famous TCM skin specialist, Professor Zhao Bing Nan. Apart from attending clinics with Professors Zhou Dong Mei and Zhang Cang, we were very fortunate to have hand-on experience in the preparation of many topical creams and ointments.

We concluded the tour with a special treat at the renowned restaurant Feng Ze Yuan by Professor Li Zhong, the famous TCM oncologist who had previously presented two seminars on the TCM Management of Cancer in 2013 and 2015 in Australia.

Please click on the link to view the Jing Fang Hospital in Shun Yi owned and run by Professor Xue Ju Fu