Review of the Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine 2015 Seminar



The Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine 2015 seminars were supported by some practitioners who attended our previous 2013 seminar and would like to learn more of the practical application of different types of cancer treatments. In Melbourne we have a total of more than 45 attendees and in Sydney  a total of 40 live attendees and  a total of 20 webinar attendees.

We are very pleased to report that feedbacks from our Melbourne and Sydney attendees  were excellent. All those who attended were overwhelmed with the generosity of Professor Li Zhong who was so willing to share his road-tested clinical experience with everybody in the management of Lung, liver, brain, breast, colorectal and prostate cancers. In addition we asked the attendees to submit their own cancer patients currently undergoing treatment with them. A total of 8 case studies were submitted and it was so wonderful that some of the information provided by Professor Li were appropriately applied on the case studies submitted by the registered attendees.

For those who missed out on this golden opportunity to gain knowledge on the cancer management, we are  offering the complete 2015 DVD-Rom by Professor Li Zhong at a cost of A$315 which attracts 10 CPD. If you purchase the 2015 DVD, you will enjoy a substantial discount to purchase the 2013 DVD at $75. As an ongoing offer, a 10% discount will be offered to our Pearls of Wisdom VIP members.

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