An Interpretation of Half Exterior and Half Interior

The concept of half exterior and half interior constitutes an important Jing Fang philosophy. The half exterior and half interior yang pattern is Shao Yang disease while the half exterior half interior yin pattern is associated with Jue Yin diseases. Relevant treatment of disorder of the half exterior and half interior is “harmonizing” strategy. As… Read more »

Jing Fang in the Treatment of Emotional Disorders

Professor Huang Huang

The benefits of using classic formulas or Jing Fang to treat emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, anorexia nervosa and insomnia are as follows: Holistic treatment focuses on the root cause of disease Treatment is in accordance with the patient’s overall constitution The effects are gentle with minimal side-effects Indications for Chinese medicine treatment: Non… Read more »

Clinical Observation of the Treatment of Modern Difficult-to-treat Diseases

Professor Zhang Wen Xuan

Two important methodologies in the diagnosis and pattern identification of Chinese Medicine: By using the disease as guiding principle and then apply the appropriate or relevant formula to treat the disease. For example the principle treatment strategy of hypertension based on TCM pattern identification is liver and kidney yin deficiency with hyperactive liver yang and… Read more »

What is Jing Fang?

The theory and philosophy of Jing Fang is first recorded in Han Shu: Yi Wen Zhi (The book of Han: Annals of Dynastic Literature). The contemporary Shang Han specialist Professor Hu Xi Shu dedicated a lifetime of research into the practical application of Jing Fang theory. In additions to pattern identification according to the Six… Read more »