Professor Zhao Jin Xi

Professor Professor Zhao Jin Xi

Professor Professor Zhao Jin Xi of Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing advocates a diagnosis-treatment scheme inspired by Shang Han Lun theory which he calls the Trinity System based on a co-ordinated identification of constitutional type, disease and pattern. He applies this system to various paediatric, gynaecological and miscellaneous diseases which are otherwise difficult to treat, utilising the theories and formulas from the classic texts.

Professor Zhao is the nominated successor of Professor Lu Ren He, a specialist in diabetes and renal disorders, and is the head of the Nephrology and Endocrinology Department of Dongzhimen Hospital. He is a prolific writer and has published over 90 journal articles and 15 books associated with the clinical applications of major classics to endocrine diseases and diabetes. He is presently leading a national project “The research of the full intervention of Chinese Medicine in the process of diabetic nephropathy”.

Specialist in: Endocrinology, Nephrology