Pearls of Wisdom

Professor Zhao Shao Qin

Specialist in Jing Jie, Kidney Disease, Wen Bing

Zhao Shao Qin 赵绍琴 (1918-2001) was a prolific modern day Wen Bing specialist, Zhao Shao Qin was born in Beijing, into a family which boasted three generations of imperial physicians who served the emperors. He studied under the renowned physician Wang F… Read more »

Peng Jian Zhong

Professor Peng Jian Zhong

Specialist in Difficult-to-treat Diseases, Kidney Disease, Shang Han Lun

Professor Peng Jian Zhong 彭建中教授 of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has over 40 years of clinical experience in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease as as well as specialising in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases by… Read more »