Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine presents a selection of extracts from Lecture Notes from past seminars. You may wish to download the full PDF versions from our shop.

Pearls of Wisdom

Zhang Xi Chun Academic Philosophy and Clinical Approach

Zhang Xi Chun was a modern late Qing and early Republic Chinese medicine practitioner (1860~1933) renowned for his integrated Western and Chinese Medicine approach in the treatment of many diseases. He was associated with the Huitong School which is an… Read more »

Tags: Cancer, Sheng Xian Tang, Stroke, Zhang Xi Chun
Professor Li Pei Wen

The Role of Chinese Medicine in Dealing with the side-effects of Cancer Treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Introduction Chinese medicine can be used as a supplementary therapy to minimize the adverse side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and has proved to be efficacious. Professor Li Pei Wen at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in Beijing has sh… Read more »

Tags: Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy
Professor Li Pei Wen

Pain Management in Cancer Patients with Chinese Medicine

Pain is one of the common symptoms experienced by patients suffering from malignant tumours. It is due to compression of the tissues, nerve endings and nerve trunk by infiltration, metastasis and dissemination of tumour cells. Management of pain is one… Read more »

Tags: Cancer, Pain Management