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Clinical Application of Sheng Jiang San in the management of Haematological Diseases

Sheng Jiang San originated from “Shang Han Wen Yi Tiao Bian Systematic Differentiation of Warm Pestilence from Shang Han Lun” by Yang Li Shan of the Qing Dynasty. The herbal ingredients are Chen Tui 蝉蜕, Jiang Can 僵蚕, Pian Jiang Huang片姜黄 and Da Huang 大黄… Read more »

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Pearls of Wisdom

An Interpretation of Half Exterior and Half Interior

The concept of half exterior and half interior constitutes an important Jing Fang philosophy. The half exterior and half interior yang pattern is Shao Yang disease while the half exterior half interior yin pattern is associated with Jue Yin diseases. R… Read more »

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Shang Han Lun Explained

Shang Han Lun Explained

This book has two objectives. The first is to explain the theory of Shang Han Lun and the systematic theory of the Six Channels: the patterns and manifestations and the related treatment strategies. The second is to explain how the principles of Shang Han Lun may be applied to disease in our own time.

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Feng Shi Lun

Jing Fang Treatment of Contemporary Diseases based on the Six Channels Identification Theory

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of Jing Fang, one must read Zhang Zhong Jing’s Shang Han Lun (Discussion on Cold Damage) and understand the core, essential concepts of Six Channel theory. The six channels discussed in Shang Han Lun diffe… Read more »

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What is Jing Fang?

The theory and philosophy of Jing Fang is first recorded in Han Shu: Yi Wen Zhi (The book of Han: Annals of Dynastic Literature). The contemporary Shang Han specialist Professor Hu Xi Shu dedicated a lifetime of research into the practical application… Read more »

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Pearls of Wisdom

Clinical Application of the Five Xie Xin Tang Formulas in the Treatment of Gastro-intestinal Disease

Glomus is defined as a subjective sensation of qi blockage in the middle jiao, which disturbs the ascent and descent of spleen and stomach qi. Glomus patterns are characterized by fullness and qi obstruction below the heart. According to Shang Han Lun,… Read more »

Tags: Gastro-Intestinal Disorders, Shang Han Lun, Xie Xin Tang