2015 Pearls Seminar: Cancer Management with Li Zhong


An Insight into The Clinical Application of Chinese Herbs in the Management of Cancer by Professor Li Zhong, interpreted by Dr. Greta Young Jie De

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Professor Li Zhong 李忠 is a renowned TCM oncologist at the Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital. Over the years Professor Li incorporated Chinese medicine to treat many cancer disorders and particularly specializes in the treatment of lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, malignant lymph cancer and leukemia etc. He was the first person to advocate that cancer is merely a “status of condition” which is a breakthrough to the traditional approach of TCM treatment to cancer by suggesting that cancer is the result of a loss of balance between the human’s zang fu organs and the natural environment. He emphasizes that based on the condition of the cancer, there should be a corresponding strategy to address the condition, thereby creating a breakthrough from the conventional treatment of cancer by creating a new strategy in dealing with cancer treatment. He created a formula known as “Ti Ruo Kang 体若康” capsule as well as an external patch to relieve cancer pain. He has published many articles associated with cancer treatment and is the author of “Linchuang Zhong Yi Zong Liu Xue”; “Cancer is a kind of condition”; “Li Zhong Cancer Case Studies”.

Day One

  • Chinese Medicine approach to cancer
  • Chinese Medicine external medicine strategies of “Reduction”; “Discharge”; “Tonify” and their correlation with the treatment principle of tumour.
  • The Chinese Medicine approach of anti-cancer treatment strategy
  • Insights into the wisdom of some key Chinese Medicine key formulas in the treatment of cancer
  • Special characteristic of Herbs used in the clinical setting

Day Two

  • An Integrated Approach in the Management of Cancer patients (Morning)
    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Radiotherapy
    3. Surgery
    4. Combined with target drugs
    5. Combined with key-hole surgery technique
  • Associated symptoms and diagnosis of cancer (Afternoon)
    1. Lung cancer
    2. Breast cancer
    3. Liver cancer
    4. Prostate cancer
  • Clinical presentations of cancer
    1. Pain
    2. Cancer related pleurisy and ascites
    3. Cancer related fever
    4. Haemorrhage
    5. Superior vena cava syndrome

This seminar was originally recorded and streamed live from Sydney by Lionel Chan on 11th & 12th July 2015 as well as from a live attendance in Melbourne on 4th & 5th July 2015.

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Screenshots from the Seminars

Professor Li Zhong

About Professor Li Zhong

Professor Li Zhong 李忠 is a renowned TCM oncologist in the Oncology Department of the Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Professional Committee of China Gerontological Society of Tumour in Be… Read more »

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