Recommended formula to treat COVID19 and a preventative formula


By Dr Greta Young Jie De

Recommended formula to treat COVID19 and a preventative formula
By Luo Anming of Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital
Compiled and Translated by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

The main theory of the following formula is: Nourish lung yin and astringe the liver qi to prevent the excessive lifting of the liver qi with subsequent transformation to fire and damage to yin. Thus, one must nourish kidney yin to support the root of the liver qi to prevent the quivering of the wood qi; transform phlegm to regulate and tonfy the spleen qi, transform dampness and harmonize the stomach. Jin Shui Liu Jun Jian is an excellent preventative formula for the COVID19.
Jin Shui Liu Jun Zi Jiang basic formula for treatment of CoronaVirus pneumonia :
Fu Ling 15g; Ban Xia 15g; Chen Pi 15g;Dang Gui 15g;Dang Shen 15g; Hei Dou 20g;Wu Mei 15g; Sheng Gan Cao 10; Sheng Yi Ren 30g; Bian Dou 15g; Bai He 15g;Chao Gu Mai Ya 15g each; Dan Shen 15g; Chi Shao 15g; Chi Xiao Dou 15g; Yin Yan Huo 15g; Shan Yao 30g; Tai Zi Shen 15g. One pack per day.
For chest oppression and wheezing,add Si Gua Lou 30g;
For greasy tongue coating: Add Bei Mu 15g; Ju Hong 10g; Bai Zhu 15g
For dull tongue body, Add Hong Jing Tian 15g
For abnormal X-Ray Lung Shadow : Add Hai Fu Shi 15~30g
For persistent nucleic Acid test (+) Add Zhu Ling, Bai Zhu, Ze Xie, Ting Li Zi, Su Zi etc.
Jin Shui Liu Jun Zi prevention formula:
Dang Shen 15g; Dang Gui 15g;Hei Dou 15g; Chen Pi 3g; Ban Xia 3g; Fu Ling 10g; Sheng GanCao 10g; Wu Mei 20g; Dou Chi 6g; Bai Bian Dou 10g; Sheng Jiang 6g;Bai He 20g. Decoct in water to be taken warm one pack per day.
The TCM theory of treatment before sickness as a preventative treatment is based on supporting the zheng qi which indirectly is to expel pathogen. Jin Shui Liu Jun Zi formula is inkeeping with this ancient philosophy. The formula does not have heat-clearing or relieving toxin herbs nor is there any releasing exterior herbs . The flavour of the decoction is sweet and sour, again is to target the philosophy of “Sour and sweet to nourish yin; sweet to tonify the spleen while sour can nourish the liver. This formula has been road-tested at the Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital in Xinzhou District, Wuhan City.
About the author: Luo Anming 罗安明, male, deputy chief physician, director of the Department of Oncology, Xinzhou District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Concurrently he serves as the executive director of the World Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine oncology specialist committee, member of the Oncology Committee of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, standing member of the Oncology Committee of Hubei Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, standing member of the Hubei Clinical Oncology Expert Committee of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Committee of the Society, Member of the Standing Committee of the Cancer Professional Committee of the Wuhan Medical Association, and the Committee of the Wuhan Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. He specialises in the treatment of advanced cancer and haematological diseases .

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