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The Rise and Fall of Chinese Medicine and a Revival Plan

It is apparent that, unlike Western medicine, Chinese medicine is based on thousands of years of accumulated experience (jingyan经验) and its clinical efficacy is substantiated by years of trial on the human body (ren ti jingyan). Thus, the theory of Chi… Read more »

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The Secrets of Dosage in Chinese Herbal Medicine

 The question concerning the exact dosage of many frequently used Chinese herbs has remained a bone of contention. The fact that the optimum dosage of many herbs have been a subject of much debates. Traditionally during the Qing dynasty many famous Chi… Read more »

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Chai Hu Wen Dan Tang Modified and its Clinical Application

As its name implies, Chai Hu Wen Dan Tang is a combination of two formulas: Xiao Chai Hu Tang and Wen Dan Tang. Xiao Chai Hu Tang: This famous harmonising formula has its origin in Clause 96 of Shang Han Lun (Discussion of Cold Damage) which says: “Sha… Read more »

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Professor Zhao Shao Qin’s Clinical Usage of Jing Jie

1. Jing Jie: Functions and Clinical Applications 1.1   Dispel wind and release the exterior Jing Jie Sui’s acrid, warm properties promote sweating and dispel wind, thus releasing the exterior.  It is therefore indicated in patterns of exterior constrai… Read more »

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Professor Xu Xin

Professor Xu Xin’s Clinical Experience in the Treatment of Premature Ovarian Failure

Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) is the loss of ovarian function before the age of 40. From the Chinese medicine perspective, it is described as “cessation of menstruation due to the exhaustion of blood”.

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Tunnel Vision: Another Lesson from a Mismanaged Case

Case records documenting mismanaged illnesses often demonstrate an error reflecting a conceptual bias on the part of the attending physician. Such errors may appear either transparent or opaque to the reader, depending on one’s knowledge and conceptual orientation. Case records such as these can free us from the shackles of our own biases and preconceptions regarding the practice of medicine.

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An Interpretation of Half Exterior and Half Interior

The concept of half exterior and half interior constitutes an important Jing Fang philosophy. The half exterior and half interior yang pattern is Shao Yang disease while the half exterior half interior yin pattern is associated with Jue Yin diseases. R… Read more »

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Shang Han Lun Explained

Shang Han Lun Explained

This book has two objectives. The first is to explain the theory of Shang Han Lun and the systematic theory of the Six Channels: the patterns and manifestations and the related treatment strategies. The second is to explain how the principles of Shang Han Lun may be applied to disease in our own time.

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Treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease with Chinese Medicine

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a term used to describe any infection of the lower female reproductive tract that spreads to the upper female reproductive tract. The lower female genital tract consists of the vagina and the cervix while the upper… Read more »

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Treatment of Hyperlipidemia with Chinese Medicine

Hyperlipidemia is defined as an elevation of lipids (fats) in the bloodstream. These lipids include cholesterol, cholesterol esters (compounds), phospholipids and triglycerides. They are transported in the blood as part of large molecules called lipopr… Read more »

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