Chen Ming Promotion September 2019

Chen Ming and Greta Young lifting the lid off the teapot

Pearls of Wisdom would like to announce our September 2019 promotion of a Bundle Sale Discount of three of Professor Chen Ming’s Jing Fang seminars (2017, 2018, 2019). The original price for the three DVDs was $1050 and for the month of September 2019, you can purchase the three DVDs for a cost of $650 which is a discount of 38%. Don’t miss this opportunity. The three DVDs will attract a total of 30 CPD points subject to the submission of the relevant quiz associated with the three seminars.

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Professor Chen Ming is a very gifted and renowned lecturer of Jing Fang who studied under the supervision of Professor Liu Du Zhou for his Ph.D. In 2017, he presented a brilliant explanation on “Lifting the Lid off the Teapot” theory. Basically, it is a concept to open the lung qi as the lung is located in the upper jiao and disorders such as incontinence and associated urination problem as well as damp disorders, it is vital that certain herbs should be incorporated to help the lung qi diffusion (the theory of Lifting the lid off the Teapot) by using herbs such as Qian Hu, Jie Geng etc. In 2018, he inspired us by explaining the clinical application of Xiao Jian Zhong Tang for treatment of cardiac disorders based on the original clause in Shang Han Lun. In 2019, Professor Chen again shared with us the wisdom of using Ma Xing Gan Shi Tang for treatment of upper respiratory disorders. Pearls has featured the video clips free on the above-mentioned theory and applications.

Please enjoy this free highlight from the 2017 Seminar on “Lifting the Lid of the Teapot”

Please enjoy this free highlight from the 2018 Seminar on “Xiao Jian Zhong Tang”

Please enjoy this free highlight from the 2019 Seminar on “Ma Xing Gan Shi Tang”