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Doctor checking patient's pulse

Starting in October 2017 Pearls of Wisdom will send out a regular email newsletter featuring interesting case studies from the Complete Liu Du Zhou Yi An 刘渡舟医案全集. Altogether there are 179 Jing Fang case studies with analysis and discussion.

Professor Liu Du-Zhou (1917-2001) was a renowned Chinese Medicine Jing Fang specialist. He studied Chinese medicine from the age of 16 under the tutorship of two famous practitioners, Dr. Wang Zhi-Yuan from Liaoning province and Dr. Xie Si-Quan from Dalian. Professor Liu was fully conversant with all the major classics and was also involved in research work on Shang Han Lun. The 179 case studies from Professor Liu Du-Zhou reflect the thinking of a great master. This will be helpful to enable modern practitioners perceive the true nature of the patient’s presentations and among other things will reveal the subtle keys that unlock the causes of disharmony.

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