Second Revised edition of Shang Han Lun Explained coming soon

Pearls of Wisdom would like to announce that the long-awaited out of print Shang Han Lun Explained by Dr. Greta Young Jie De 杨洁德 will be available to download online in PDF very soon.

Early in 2021, Elsevier Australia had contacted the authors that they would like to revert the copyright to the authors. The new edition of Shang Han Lun Explained will be substantially revised by Dr. Greta Young Jie De with Associate Professor Christopher Zaslawski as the Chief Editor. Shang Han Lun is a seminal text in Chinese medical classic literature which provides the groundwork for Chinese medicine theory and its treatment strategies. The actual hard copy of the book has been completely out of print since beginning of 2021. We are very happy to advise that this newly revised edition of Shang Han Lun Explained will now be available soon.

Additional content of the Revised Edition of Shang Han Lun Explained consists of the following:

  • Complete revision of the Jue Yin Chapter
  • Pulse Diagnosis of the Six Channels Diseases
  • Information on the concept of “Lifting the Lid off the Teapot“ and clinical applications
  • Substitute to Fu Zi
  • Comparison of Xie Xin Tang and Huang Lian Tang
  • Additional more updated case studies of many key Jing Fang formulae
  • Additional formulae tables with summary of pathogenesis, symptoms and treatment strategies.
  • The revised Shang Han Lun Explained is in two volumes 1 & 2.

The book will be available  very soon and the publisher is Purple Cloud