A Special Promotional Seminar and Live webinar to Promote the sale of the Revised Edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained”

The long awaited second edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained” is now ready for sale. Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine and Team would like to host  a special Seminar and live webinar to promote the sale of  the Revised Edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained”.

The second edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained” comes in two volumes with 369 pages in Volume one and Vol 2 329 pages.

The second edition, which consists of two volumes, include a complete revised Jue Yin Chapter. The Jue Yin channel, the last of the three yin channels, is probably the most complex channel system compared to the Tai Yang, Yang Ming, Shao Yang, Tai Yi and Shao Yin channels. The reason is that Jue Yin is the last of the three yin channels and many of the Jue Yin disorders with  their completed presentations are under the scope of difficult-to-treat diseases. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the pathology of Jue Yin disease.

Other revisions include the Six Channels Identification and pulse diagnosis as well as the concept of “Lifting the Lid off the teapot” and its significance in the management of many diseases.

In addition, many tables have been added that give “at a glance”, quick information about the comparison of various patterns and associated formulas.  These will clarify the key symptoms for each pattern and allow the clinician to determine quickly an appropriate formulas for immediate and optimum use.

The book’s retail price: USD 120

My editor Dr. Chris Zaslawski and I  have spent many hours to ensure  many errors that had been overlooked in the previous edition of “Shang Han Lun Explained” had been corrected.

For details of the promotional book launch :


Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 502/25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Date: Friday 17th May 2024

Time: 5- 6 pm

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