Professor Zhao Bing Nan

Professor Zhao Bing Nan (1899~1984) is a renowned Chinese Medicine skin specialist. At the age of 14 he studied under numerous Chinese medicine specialists and at the age of 27 he established his own Chinese medicine dermatology clinic. He created many effective formulas to treat difficult-to-treat skin disorders and established a unique Chinese medicine pattern identification system for the treatment of skin diseases.

Professor Zhao emphasized the significance of the holistic approach to treatment, explaining: “Although skin disease manifests on the exterior, in reality the core of the problem has its root in the interior. If there is no internal chaos there will be no external manifestation.” He reiterated that pattern identification must focus on yin and yang. If this important differentiation is disregarded when prescribing herbs, it is tantamount to prescribing a “calm the fetus” formula to the husband.

Specialist in: Difficult-to-treat Diseases, Skin

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