Pearls March 2023 Live Webinar on Professor Xu Shu’s Jing Fang Treatment Approach by the Six Channels Identifications

 March 18, 2023 – March 19, 2023

 Live Webinar

 $375 - Early Bird discounts available

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Topics: Professor Xu Shu’s Clinical approach for the Treatment of Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attack by the Six Channels Identifications

Date of live webinar:  18th & 19th March 2023

Time: 7~10 pm (Melbourne time)

Interpreter: Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

Cost: $375 Full registration Practitioner; Early Bird $350 on or before 18th February 2023;  Student $220; Early Bird $180 on or before 18th February 2023.

Please note that practitioners registered at our November Live one-hour webinar by Professor Xu Shu are entitled to a $30 refund or $20 refund for students.

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Introduction of Professor Xu Shu

Professor Xu ShuProfessor Xu Shu 徐书教授 is a specially appointed TCM physician with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine at the Guo Yi Tang outpatient clinic, Beijing. He pioneered the Xu Shi Chinese Medicine Research Center in Wu Xi Jiangsu Province and he is renowned for the application of Jing Fang in the treatment of many prevalent and difficult-to-treat diseases.

He remarks that Jing Fang is tantamount to the dragon head while Shi Fang serves as the dragon tail. He has more than 30 years of clinical experience using Jing Fang. Professor Xu emphasizes the three essential elements of Chinese medicine incorporating the “Direction 道”; “Strategy 法” and “Method 术“in “Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching”. As a Jing Fang practitioner, he summarizes Zhang Zhong Jing’s Shang Han Lun academic approach to the theory of Yin and Yang and the Six Channels identification diagnosis.

Professor Xu Shu is the author of Dedicated formula for treatment of specific disease 徐书专病特效方, Xu Shu’s Applications of Herbs Like a Warrior in Combat 徐书用药如用兵 and Professor Xu Shu’s Inspired Records of Shang Han Lun 徐书伤寒启新录 due to be published in October 2021. Professor Xu draws any analogy of the applications of herbs is tantamount to the famous book on “The Art of war” featuring many frequently used herbs. For example Ren Dong Teng  according to “Ben Cao Gang Mu” is for heat clearing and relieving toxicity. However, the paired herbs of Ren Dong Teng, Hu Zhang and Tu Fu Ling together has an anti effect of steroid and can regulate the immune system. This can be used to treat Still disease, SLE with good effective outcome. There are many examples of paired herbs in his book to treat difficult-to-treat diseases.

Professor Xu Shu’ Treatment Approach to Insomnia

It is thought that insomnia can be categorized into difficulty falling asleep, early waking and superficial sleep. Difficulty to fall asleep can be due to fire which can be further differentiated into excess and deficiency or complex excess and deficiency. Excess fire can often be reflected in the Shao Yang and Yang Ming; while deficient fire is often associated with deficiency of the kidney essence and treatment can involve treating Shao Yin. Superficial sleep is mainly associated with Jue Yin complex heat and cold patterns being the most prevalent.

The contemporary TCM treatment approach is to harmonize the liver. For an excess pattern such as constrained liver qi, treatment involves using Si Ni San, Xiao Yao San; while for a deficiency pattern characterized by deficient gallbladder with constrained heat the use of Chai Qin Wen Dan Tang is indicated.

Professor Xu Shu’s treatment of insomnia can be categorized into: (1) Shao Yang, Yang Ming and Tai Yin concurrent patterns; (2) Shao Yin Yin deficiency with upcast yang pattern; (3) Jue Yin complex heat and cold pattern.

Professor Xu emphasizes the importance of Pulse Diagnosis in particular the differentiation of yin and yang pulse.  He said that “Health hinges on the harmony of yin and hang; while disease emanates due to disharmony of yin and yang.” Apart from the pulse diagnosis his diagnostic approach is on the  core theory of six channels identification which is the theory of qi transformation with the opening, closing and pivoting as the basic foundations and the yang qi is the driving force.

The secret of Professor Xu’s Application of Jing Fang:

  • Focus on the key symptoms to determine the disease
  • Focus on the pulse to determine the formula
  • Focus on the pathogenesis to determine the root and serve as a guide to determine the right path

For the Jing Fang practitioners, this is an opportunity for you to have an insight into Professor Xu Shu’s approach on Jing Fang and he would love to share with you many of his Road-tested experiences on the treatment many diseases such as prostate hypertrophy, thrombocytopenia purpura, lung cancer, liver sclerosis with acites, fatty liver, chronic nephritis etc.

For the Pearls attendees of Professor One-Hour Jing Fang Clinical experience in November 2021, they are entitled to a discount of $30.

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Professor Xu Shu

About Professor Xu Shu 徐书教授

Professor Xu Shu 徐书教授 is a specially appointed TCM physician with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine at the Guo Yi Tang outpatient clinic, Beijing. He pioneered the Xu Shi Chinese Medicine Research Center in Wu Xi Jiangsu Province and he is ren… Read more