2015 Beijing Study Tour – Retrospective

cm-cancer-retrospective Screen Shot

As expected our two weeks Beijing Study Tour went extremely well with positive feedbacks from the participants. The tour is packed with a full schedule to study with three professors (Professor Li Zhong, TCM oncologist; Professor Zhao Jin Xi, TCM specialist in the treatment of diabetes and nephritis and Professor Fu Yanling (Jing Fang specialist).

Professor Li Zhong of Yu Fang Tang (御方堂) in spite of his busy schedule (five clinics per week with more than 90 cancer patients each day) sets aside two half days to give us lectures and four to five cancer patients per session so that he can explain the core treatment strategy for different types of cancer and his clinical approach as well as some of the key road-tested formulas and herbs. We are indeed very fortunate to have some renowned professors to share with us their valuable clinical experience.

We also learned a lot with Professor Zhao Jin Xi who is the successor of the renowned diabetes specialist, Professor Lv Ren He (吕仁和) at the Dongzhimen Hospital in Beijing. There are many formulas he uses for treatment of diabetes and nephritis such as Sheng Jiang San; Sheng Xian Tang and many paired herbs used by the renowned Chinese doctor (Lao Zhongyi) Shi Jin Mo (施今墨) such as Huang Qi + Shan Yao to reduce glucose urine; Cang Zhu + Xuan Shen to reduce blood sugar; Dan Shen + Ge Gen , a blood invigorating blood paired herbs etc. I was particularly impressed with his in depth knowledge of both Western and Chinese Medicine.

Needless to say, last but not least we also attended lectures and clinics of Professor Fu Yanling, my Ph.D supervisor, who is the successor of the renowned Shang Han specialist Professor Liu Du Zhou (刘渡舟)and his flexible application of Jing Fang in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases.

Please download the free video for a brief introduction of Li Zhong’s cancer clinic Yu Fang Tang in Beijing as well as an interview with members of our Beijing tour group.

It never ceases to impress me about the efficacy of Chinese medicine in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

We hope to conduct more of such study tour to attend clinics with many well known TCM professors in future, please stay tuned!!

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