2016 Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar

Peng Jian ZhongOur annual Pearls Chinese Medicine seminar/webinar is scheduled for the weekend of 2nd & 3rd July 2016.

Over the years we are very grateful that we have had the loyal support of many Chinese medicine practitioners and students since we commenced our first seminar in 2002 and it would be nice for everyone to look forward to another great event this year as it has been our long-term objective to continue bringing in key speakers from China who specialise in their area of expertise clinically to share with us their road-tested treatment strategy on many difficult-to-treat diseases. Therefore we would like to continue with this event and the survival of our future hosting of such events will require your continued participation.

This year our keynote speaker is Professor Peng Jian Zhong of Beijing University who is the designated successor of the Wen Bing renowned specialist Professor Zhao Shao Qin. Professor Peng Jian Zhong will present a lecture on the treatment of chronic kidney disease and will guide you on specific use of herbs to treat many aspects of chronic nephritis with total reversal outcome (including the normalisation of abnormal kidney function tests such as Blood Urea Nitrogen and serum Creatinine.) It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Some of the treatment strategies covered in this seminar include:

  • Treatment for glomerulonephritis
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • IgA nephropathy
  • Many kinds of secondary kidney diseases including diabetic nephropathy, SLE nephritis, gouty nephritis and purpura nephritis etc.

Professor Peng Jian Zhong reiterates that the optimum treatment for chronic kidney disease is not to focus on tonifying the kidney only, instead he advocates that treatment should incorporate blood cooling, dispersing the triple jiao and toxin relieving strategies besides augmenting qi and supporting the source.

We hope you can support us by either attending the live seminar or webinar with playback so that we can continue with our endeavour to bring in future speakers to enrich our clinical skill.

For details of 2016 Pearls Seminar and Live Webinar:

Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine: Bringing the clinical experience of Chinese specialists to Australia

Organised and hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine
Approved for 10 CPD Points

Professor Peng Jian Zhong’s Clinical Experience: A unique management approach in the treatment of kidney diseases
(chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome & renal failure)
Presenter: Professor Peng Jian Zhong
Interpreter: Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)
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2nd & 3rd July 2016 (Melbourne only)
Victoria University, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Level 9, Room FS902

This seminar will be streamed live from Melbourne as well as live attendance.
Saturday 2nd July 2016 1pm-5pm (Tea break 3pm-3.30pm)
Sunday 3rd July 2016 10am-5pm (Lunch 12-1pm, Tea break 3-3.30pm)

Professor Peng Jian Zhong 彭建中教授 of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine has over 40 years of clinical experience in the management of acute and chronic kidney disease as as well as specialising in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases by applying his in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine classic theory (Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing Xue). He is the academic successor of the renowned Wen Bing specialist Professor Zhao Shao Qin who was a specialist in the treatment of chronic nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome and other kidney diseases such as renal failure and uremia.

Topics Cover:

Day One:

  • Chinese Medicine Theory and Clinical Strategy in the treatment of diseases
  • Professor Peng Jian Zhong will explain his understanding of TCM Theory of Ancient Classic’s concept in guiding the process of diagnosis and treatment through citing case studies.

Day Two:

  • The clinical application of Wen Bing theory in the treatment of chronic kidney disease.
  • Introduction of Professor Zhao Shao Qin’s Treatment approach and Strategy
  • Clinical Application of Sheng Jiang San in the treatment of many difficult-to-treat diseases
  • Sheng Jiang San (Ascending and Descending Powder) originated from Yang Li San’s “Shang Han Wen Yi Tiao Bian“. It is a representative formula to regulate the qi dynamic of the exterior, interior and the triple burners. Professor Zhao Shao Qin is one of a growing number of contemporary practitioners who are conversant with the clinical application of Sheng Jiang San in the treatment of a range of disorders including hypertension, coronary heart disease, hypotensive dizziness, trigeminal neuralgia, prostatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, allergic colitis, thrombocytopenia purpura, aplastic anaemia, amenorrhoea, diabetic nephropathy, and chronic nephritis and renal failure.


  • Early bird discount: Pay before 10th June 2016
  • 10% discount for Pearls of Wisdom VIP members (Simply register on the website if you have attended 5 other events)


  • For cancellations made before June 10th, 30% of the registration fee is retained
  • No refund is given for cancellations made after June 10th 2016

SEMINAR FEES (Melbourne)

  • Graduates & Practitioners: $375 – Early bird $350
  • One day attendance: $275 – Early bird $250
  • Undergraduate students: $150 – Early bird: $125

WEBINAR FEES (Melbourne)

  • Graduates & Practitioners: $425 Early bird $400
  • Undergraduate students: $200 Early bird: $175
  • An additional $50 levy for webinar attendees for which they will receive an edited copy of the 2016 DVD.


2nd July 2016 (Saturday) 6.30pm for 7.00pm start.
Dragon Boat Restaurant, 203 Little Bourke St., Melbourne. $45 per head.


DIRECT BANK TRANSFER (within Australia only): BSB: 033-028 A/C No: 227996
PAYPAL: Overseas participants must use Paypal (3% surcharge)
ENQUIRIES: Please email Pearls Seminars @ pearlsreg@nullgmail.com

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