2016 Post-Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar

Resize DSC09879_502016 Post-Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar

Chinese Medicine Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease by Professor Peng Jian Zhong

Melbourne 2nd & 3rd July 2016

Our July Pearls Chinese Medicine seminar and live webinar which took place last weekend can be regarded as a very successful event with many positive feedbacks. It is interesting to note that our registered webinar attendees outnumbered the seminar attendees for the first time. Therefore this helps  the Pearls Team to decide when planning for our  2017 Chinese medicine events.  We are very sorry that we have lost the valuable Health World sponsorship (2002~2015) as Health World is no longer the distributor of Sun Ten Herbal products.

We are indeed very fortunate to have such an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner as Professor Peng Jian Zhong to share with us his road-tested clinical knowledge. We were all very inspired by Professor Peng’s approach to   the management of chronic kidney disease as he strongly advocates treatment by adopting the Wen Bing theory by applying the treatment from the ying and blood perspective. Professor Peng’s approach differs from the traditional theory of tonifying the kidney alone when dealing with chronic kidney disease by citing that 95% of chronic kidney disease is due to excess ying heat and that treatment should focus on blood cooling, heat clearing, toxin relieving and eliminating damp as the first priority.

Some feedback from Attendees:

“I learnt about  not just to tonify the kidney in renal failure patients. Very experienced and willing to share their knowledge”.

“That’ s a wonderful Webinar, gain a lots of knowledge”.

“Thank you so much for bringing to us this knowledge of Chinese medicine from Professor Peng Jian Zhong; it was a truly memorable seminar. He has a wonderful mind and you are a very clear translator”.

“Subsequent to the seminar and webinar, one of the attendees  had three patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and was grateful for the information learnt from Professor Peng”.

Sincere Thanks to our sponsors

On behalf of the Pearls Team we wish to thank our sponsors for their financial support.  They are: Acuneeds, Tong Ren Tang, Cathay Herbal Laboratories; The Herb Booth, JQ & JQ Healthcare Products Pty Ltd and Chinese Medicine National Aust Pty Ltd

May we remind all that in order to continue with this endeavour we need your ongoing loyal support so that we can bring more renowned professors from China to share with us their clinical expertise.  Pearls would like to keep going but we need your fervent support!

DVD recording for our Pearls 2016 seminar will be available online soon. Please stay tuned in.

Review of Professor Peng’s webinar on Chronic Kidney Disease:

From attendee Sally Charles:

I found this seminar incredibly helpful with inspiring new ideas for treating chronic kidney disease from a master Chinese herbal medicine professor. The Professor applied Wen Bing Theory to treat these diseases which showed me how the  Wen Bing concepts can be used in many contemporary modern day diseases, using an ancient theory but applying it to the modern day.

He also relied on blood pathology before and after prescribing herbal formulae which was very impressive as it further supported the effectiveness of his extensive clinical knowledge.

I would highly recommend this webinar to any Chinese herbalist wanting to learn from a true master All the doctors that Greta Young brings to present to us in Australia are of such a high standard that I feel honoured to be in the audience to witness such clinical expertise.

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