Beijing Study Tour 2013: More news on the Tour

We would like to advise that by special invitation Professor Fu Yanling has agreed to present a special three hour lectures on Wednesday 11th December 2013 from 1400~1700 on Jing Fang Treatment of Frequently encountered disorders.

Our tour is receiving good response and if you are contemplating to join this tour, please send us an email to express your interest. Due to the limited places for this tour, I will encourage Jing Fang followers to register early to reserve a place in the tour.

To summarize, our two weeks tour will consist of six half days clinic with Professor Feng Shi Lun; four half day three hours lecture during the first week and again six half days clinic with Professor Feng Shi Lun and four half day three hors lecture during the second week.

Professor Feng Shi Lun who graduated with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Since his graduation he was involved as a practitioner at the Dongshimen Hospital and later with Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital. Apart from being a clinician, he is the head of the Hu Xi Shu Jing Fang Research Centre in Beijing. During the early 80s his focus was on the treatment of asthma and upper respiratory diseases and in the 90s he was involved in the research and TCM treatment of arthritis. The iconic Shang Han specialist Hu Xi Shu was his mentor and for many years he was involved in the treatment strategy of Professor Hu Xi Shu using Jing Fang. A great contributor to the clinical application of Jing Fang in the treatment of many difficult to treat diseases.

Please send us an email at : or if you are interested to join our tour.

Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D)

Director of Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine

Wisdom is wealth 智慧是财富!




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