More on Pearls 2015 Seminar/Webinar by Professor Li Zhong

I have received feedbacks from our past attendees inquiry about the 2015 lecture topics and whether there will be any difference between the two presentations by Professor Li Zhong. I would like to assure attendees that our 2015 presentation is focused on the practical application of many prevalent cancers such as lung, breast, colorectal, liver and prostate cancers. Professor Li Zhong will provide specific guidance on how to manage different types of cancers including key formulas and relevant herbs for the above-mentioned cancers.

Lecture contents of  Pearls 2015 Seminar/Webinar :

  1. Difference between the concept of cancer management between western and Chinese medicine. 中西医关于“癌”认识的差异性
  2. Key points of Integrated Western and Chinese Medicine treatment eg Combined Chinese medicine with chemotherapy; Combined Chinese Medicine with administration of Targeted drugs. 癌症中西医结合治疗的关键点
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment of the most prevalent cancers such as lung, breast, colorectal, liver and prostate cancers. 常见癌症诊疗思路: 肺癌, 乳腺癌,大肠癌,肝癌,前列腺癌 等等。
  4. Anti-cancer herbs commonly used and road-tested by Professor Li Zhong. 李忠常用抗癌中药临床应用经验
  5. How to deal with complications of cancer-related disorders such as pain, fever, hemorrage , ascites, and superior vena cava syndrome. 癌症临床常见并发症的诊疗思路

Professor Li Zhong will provide guidance for all aspects of the Chinese medicine treatment of cancers.  李忠教授与你分享他的多年治疗癌症的临床经验。

Hope to see you all in July 2015.


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