Wen Bing Series #2 – Blood Cooling & Stasis Bind

Pearls of Wisdom Webinar

Approved for 6 CPE Points

Organised and Hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine

Sponsored by Health World Limited


1st & 2nd  February 2014

2pm-5pm both days (6 hours)

Wen Bing Treatment Strategies for Blood Cooling and Stasis Bind Disorders: Chun Wen (Spring Warmth)


Presented by

Dr. Greta Young Jie De

This is the second in a series of 5 weekend webinars discussing Wen Bing theory and formula patterns and their practical application in the treatment of contemporary diseases.  This weekend lecture will not only give you a comprehensive understanding of Chun Wen (spring warmth) but will enable you to apply the principal formulas with confidence and accuracy in order to bring greater efficacy to your clinical treatments. You will learn about:

  • Clinical application of  Qing  Ying Tang Pattern
  • Explanation of Ye Tian Shi’s remarks on “Outthrusting Ying Heat via the Qi”
  • Clinical application of Sheng Jiang San
  • Application of the latent pathogen theory in the treatment of  headache and dysmenorrhoea
  • Ye Tian Tian Shi’s strategy of  Collateral diseases based on his philosophy of  “
    Chronic  disorders enter the  network vessels”  and its clinical relevance.
  • Renal disorders  treatment  with Wen Bing strategies  of blood cooling and transforming stasis  bind based on the Wen Bing master Professor Zhao Shao Qin

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