Pearls Wen Bing Series – Free Introductory CPD Webinar

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For serious practitioners of all levels, this seminar series will widen herbal perspectives and create possibilities not previously considered in your clinic

Free Introductory Lecture (click here for the latest)
Approved for 1.5 free CPD (quiz supplied below, limited time only)

Sponsored by Health World Limited

STREAMED LIVE and for REPLAY in English


“I did some learning last year with Will Maclean around some of the major herbal formulas and lingering pathogens, which I found helpful. Your webinar showed me a new dimension of herbal medicine.”

“I really saw the art of herbalism that is at a level beyond my knowledge and experience. I look forward to growing and learning more.”

“So much knowledge shared – I’m still digesting your teaching and will be for some time.”

“Thank you for the February Wen Bing seminar. It will help me to see patterns through another lens and prescribe differently”

“A higher dimension in the art of herbal medicine”


In the modern clinic, more and more patients are presenting with strange conditions not well treated by Western medicine or by zangfu theory alone. In many cases, it is only with the knowledge of Wen Bing theories and treatment and principles and how to apply them that good results can be achieved.

If you want to be the best and most effective clinician that you can be, this knowledge simply cannot be ignored.

What you may have learnt at uni about the Wen Bing school barely scratches the surface. This introductory talk will change many people’s conceptions about what they think they know about the History and Development of the Wen Bing school, and the webinar series will open new doors to clinical efficacy.

This new Pearls series explains how Wen Bing theory has significant clinical relevance not only for febrile disease, but also for non-febrile disease. You will learn how to use Wen Bing formulas, and the principles, so that you can produce effective results in both common and uncommon conditions, including auto- immune disease.

This course is:

• Designed for immediate results in clinical practice; and
• Focused on case analysis – fine-tuned diagnosis – tailored treatments

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FREE CPD QUIZ (Available to May 31st)

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