Professor Feng Shi Lun

Feng Shi Lun

Professor Feng Shi Lun graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, practised at the Dongshimen Hospital and the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, and was appointed director of the Hu Xi Shu Jing Fang Research Centre in Beijing. In the early 1980s he specialised in the treatment of asthma and upper respiratory tract diseases. In the 1990s his focus turned to the treatment of arthritis and to clinical trials investigating the efficacy of Chinese medicine in its treatment. For many years, Prof Feng Shi Lun worked under the mentorship of the renowned Shang Han specialist Prof Hu Xi Shu, developing a treatment approach using Jing Fang for a range of diseases which are notoriously difficult to treat. Professor Feng Shi Lun’s contribution to Chinese medicine is acclaimed throughout China.

Specialist in: Arthritis, Difficult-to-treat Diseases

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