Professor Zhao Shao Qin

Zhao Shao Qin 赵绍琴 (1918-2001) was a prolific modern day Wen Bing specialist, Zhao Shao Qin was born in Beijing, into a family which boasted three generations of imperial physicians who served the emperors. He studied under the renowned physician Wang Feng-Chun, and lectured at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine from 1956. He served as director of the Department of Medicine in Febrile Disease, and amongst many other posts, was head of the Wen Bing Faculty at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1977.

Dr. Zhao was famous for treating chronic kidney disease by the application of Wen Bing theory in comparable disease patterns.  He refuted the commonly accepted theory and opinion that all kidney diseases are deficient and promoted his own viewpoint, maintaining that kidney disease does not present primarily as a deficiency pattern, and asserting that the focus of treatment should be on cooling blood and transforming blood stasis.

Specialist in: Jing Jie, Kidney Disease, Wen Bing