2017 Pearls Chinese Medicine Seminar and Live Webinar Review

Our Pearls 2017 Chinese Medicine live seminar and webinar was so well received that there is a request for Professor Chen Ming to return to Australia in July 2018. Professor Chen Ming is such a gifted lecturer as he elaborated on the patho-mechanism of “Lifting the Lid of the Teapot” in such simple language with incredibly profound underlying meaning. Professor Chen reiterated the significance of focusing on the pathogenesis of a pattern thereby vastly increasing the scope of a frequently used formula such as Ma Huang Tang. He cited a range of diseases being treated by Ma Huang Tang and its modified version  apart from the known externally-contracted pathogenic wind–cold ie skin diseases, inhibited urination, eneuresis, constipation, diarrhoea, amenorrhoea etc. For those who missed the 2017 seminar and webinar, the DVD Rom will be available for sale on our website  http://www.pearlschinesemedicine.com

Consultation Services

In the near future, Pearls of Wisdom will be inviting a few renowned TCM specialists for consultation on difficult-to-treat diseases.  For example apart from the regular Pearl’s Seminar series, a new consultation service for cancer management will be provided by taking advantage of the expert knowledge of the highly respected Professor Li Zhong of Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing. This service will involve a three-party collaboration of Professor Li Zhong, myself and the practitioner in the management of the cancer patient. Pearls  is happy to act as the conduit between the practitioners and patients. The case will then be discussed in detail to reach optimum treatment. Similar arrangements such as our collaboration with Professor Li Zhong will be implemented in the near future. Pearls plans to invite more TCM specialists for specific treatment of diabetes, chronic nephritis, infertility etc. A few sample case studies are featured on our Pearls website. Please click on: https://pearlschinesemedicine.com/case-studies/

Subscription for future short TCM educational programs

Pearls of Wisdom will be embarking on a new series of short TCM educational programs for practitioners to gain CPD points. This will be in the form of a series of five one-hour presentations on a specific topic. Practitioners are welcome to subscribe to  the whole series. The Pearls Team aspires to provide continuous service to upgrade the level of Chinese Medicine and refine clinical skills.

A reminder that our March 2018 4-day workshop in Holland on the management of diabetes and associated complications is going ahead with the Beijing specialist Professor Ni Qing of Guang Anmen Hospital.  For details please click on:


Some positive feedbacks from the attendees:

Pee Tek Chan:

“Congratulation on another successful seminar  Thank you very much for your passion and in organising this. I find Professor Chen Ming  very inspiring. He carry the true spirit of the wisdom of  ancient physician. I hope he is able to come to Australia again.”

Junshi Saw:

“The seminar is great, herbal medicine is not my strong area but the seminar had open up my mind and I’ll definitely use herbal medicine in my practice in the future. Thank you.”

Sally Charles:

“I have attended many of the TCM Pearls seminars and webinars over the years and I highly recommend them.

The calibre of these Professors of Chinese herbal medicine and herbalist lecturers from universities in China are of an incredibly high academic standard with vast clinical experience.

It is a humbling experience to attend these seminars with the presenters’ detailed knowledge of classical herbal formulae and their very practical clinical application.

Greta Young herself, has a PHD in Shang Han Lun  from Beijing university so is a highly qualified interpreter with an understanding surpassing any interpreter I have had in China,  but she is always respectful of the knowledge and experience of these professors and herbalists even though she is probably one of the most highly qualified TCM herbalists in Australia.

Greta’s choice of topics selected are always highly relevant  in our modern world, however, whatever the topic there is always so much to be learnt and gained even if the topic is not an area I practice in as there is so much information and clinical experience to be taken into other areas of interest.

My knowledge and experience in Chinese herbal medicine has truly been enriched by these seminars and I am truly grateful to Greta for sharing such experts from China.”

Jongwoo Shin from Christchurch, New Zealand:

“This seminar is very beneficial to enhance the knowledge and train of thought for herbal prescriptions. I have attended several seminars in New Zealand and online but this is best. Professor Chen showed us the theoretical and practical way of authentic TCM. I would like to email Professor Chen who was my Shang Han Lun class teacher in Beijing, Chinese to greet and express my opinion for this seminar. I believe it might be good feedback as well. I am sincerely grateful for your organizing this seminar.”

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