More on 2015 Li Zhong’s Seminar/webinar on Cancer Management

On behalf of Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine, we would like to draw your attention to the following points: For attendees who register their names on our spreadsheet but has not made the payment either by online transfer or Paypal, your registration… Read more »

Healthworld Pearls 2015 – An Integrated Approach in the Management of Cancer patients with Professor Li Zhong

REGISTRATION (Melbourne, Sydney and Webinar) PAYMENTS (Melbourne, Sydney and Webinar) FREE INTRODUCTION 1 CPD QUIZ Health World Pearls Chinese Medicine Bringing the clinical experience of Chinese specialists to Australia Principle sponsor: HEALTH WORLD… Read more »

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New seminar downloads now available

We are proud to announce that the 2013 & 2014 Pearls of Wisdom Seminars now available to purchase and download from our shop. 2013 Seminars on the Clinical Approach of Chinese Medicine in the Management of Cancer The 2013 seminar series discusses t… Read more »

Pearls of Wisdom Wen Bing Weekend Webinars: Complete Series on DVD

Approved for 30 CPE Points also approved for 30 PDA points by NCCAOM Organised and Hosted by Pearls of Wisdom Chinese Medicine Sponsored by Health World Limited Presented by Dr. Greta Young Jie De (Ph.D) Dr Greta Young graduated from the Beijing Univer… Read more »

2015 Professor Li Zhong: Herbal Strategies in the Management of Cancer  

Good news! In response to many requests, Pearls has invited Professor Li Zhong to return to Australia and present a two day seminar focusing principally on specific herbal strategies proven effective by his own extensive experience in the management of… Read more »

Professor Xu Xin

Health World Chinese Medicine Pearls Seminar/webinar 2014

Once again our Pearls Chinese Medicine Annual Seminar presented in Melbourne at VU on July 5th & 6th and in Sydney at UTS on July 12th & 13th was a resounding success. This annual event was very well supported with more than 160 attendees in Me… Read more »

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An Invitation to join the World Federation of External Treatment of Cancer Membership

At the request of Professor Li Zhong, the renowned Chinese Medicine oncologist, this is an invitation for you to become a member of the above association to promote the scientific development of Chinese medicine globally. Once you click the link, pleas… Read more »

Pearls Wen Bing Series #5 Webinar 16~17th August 2014

Series #5 is focused on the Wen Bing pattern of Autumn Dryness or Qiu Zao, mainly associated with upper respiratory tract infection characterised by dryness and fluid depletion. This webinar will enable you to apply the principal formulas of Wen Bing with confidence and accuracy in order to bring greater efficacy to your clinical treatments.

Wen Bing Series #4 – Latent Pathogens in Auto Immune Disorders

This new Pearls series explains how Wen Bing theory has significant clinical relevance not only for febrile disease, but also for non-febrile disease. You will learn how to use Wen Bing formulas, and the principles, so that you can produce effective results in both common and uncommon conditions, including auto- immune disease.

Jason C Blalack

Writing Precise Prescriptions with Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods – Ongoing Webinar Course

Pearls of Wisdom Seminars is proud to present a webinar course in Qin Bo-Wei’s New Guideline for Treatment, with Jason Blalack. Qin Bo Wei was one of the most important Scholar-Physicians of the 20th Century, and a major contributor to the synthesis that became modern TCM.